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A product image needs to be named using the conventions defined in the SuiteCommerce website setup record in order to be associated with the correct item in the web store.

Whether you're adding new products, uploading new item images, or editing image naming reference fields (such as item names), clicking through hundreds of item records to check on associated images is a tedious, time-consuming, and now unnecessary task.

Anchor Group created a bundle that allows you to run saved searches on the item record to quickly find associated (or missing) product images. The bundle is a rapid, self-installation NetSuite bundle and has been released to the community for FREE*!


NetSuite App Features

  • This bundle allows you to run saved searches on the item record to find the associated images on the product page (Natively, SuiteCommerce administrators are unable to easily run a saved search on the associated image because it exists as a sub-list on the item record. )
  • Saved Search: FSI - Surfaces All Items and SuiteCommerce Images
  • Saved Search: FSI - Surfaces Web Store Items With SuiteCommerce Images
  • Saved Search: FSI - Surfaces Web Store Items With NO SuiteCommerce Images

Business Use Cases

  • Find items displayed on the website that don't have a product image
  • Monitor when an associated image gets disconnected when a user changes the reference field (e.g. item name/number). This would cause the naming convention of the image file to not be correct, and the image would no longer be associated.
  • Create workflows to assign to SuiteCommerce administrator to ensure all new products have web store images
  • Find the URLs of the associated images
find suitecommerce items saved search

FSI Saved Search

Here is a sample saved search that highlights items/products that are missing an associated image when the item is set to display to the web store.

verified customer

I cannot thank you and your team enough for this free product, I was able to get it up and running with no issues, despite my limited experience in this area. I have already begun looking at your other bundles, they look incredibly useful.

- John, Verified Customer


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*Why is it Free?

  1. Giving back to the SuiteCommerce community. We are thankful for all our clients and other developers who help build the ecosystem with us.
  2. We love the SuiteCommerce product because we have a large specialization in SuiteCommerce/SuiteCommerce Advanced development and would love to work with you!

Honestly...we want you to see all the other even cooler NetSuite & SuiteCommerce solutions we have made, so you can purchase those!


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