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See how NetSuite can help with retail, and learn which modules may be most useful.

NetSuite ERP can help you optimize inventory levels, more easily manage supplier relationships, and even reduce operational costs. Reduce the back-end administrative burdens of your operations by automating the most time-consuming, and repetitive tasks!

Want more information on how NetSuite can help with retail? Continue reading, or download the PDF data sheet on NetSuite for Retail to learn more.


NetSuite Alliance Partner Spotlight Award for Retail

In the Summer of 2022, Anchor Group was recognized by NetSuite as the Alliance Partner Spotlight Winner for Retail due to our work with Two Authenticators!


About NetSuite for Retail

NetSuite for Retail is a single platform to manage your whole retail business with the ability to support multiple locations, channels, and brands. This enables you to transform the in-store experience of your customers while providing mirrored online commerce experiences across a variety of devices. Upgrade your business systems to NetSuite, and take advantage of the flexibility and modernity to innovate and remain competitive in an international environment.

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP solution that delivers seamless cross-channel functionality, providing greater data availability than on-site solutions do. It is also highly customizable and can be tailored to meet your needs based on your business-specific requirements. Already have some favorite business planning tools? NetSuite ERP can be integrated with a whole host of existing platforms that your business already uses!


Key Benefits

  • Complete 360-degree view of the customer across all channels and touchpoints
  • A single, integrated solution to manage your entire retail business
  • A lower cost and less hassle than on-premise retail systems
  • Easy customization for your specific retail requirements
  • Single platform to manage your business
  • Optimize business operations
  • Gain business intelligence

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Support multiple locations, channels and brands from a single platform
  • Central management of all pricing and promotions
  • Cross-channel order management and fulfillment
  • Powerful ecommerce capabilities on any device
  • Real-time inventory visibility across all channels
  • Marketing tools to target and segment offers
  • A full-featured and mobile-ready POS
  • In-Store Point of Sale
  • Online Commerce

*Some features sold in add-on modules


Greater Efficiency

NetSuite allows you to optimize your business operations through cross-channel order management and fulfillment. Tools for real-time inventory visibility across all channels enable you to gain business intelligence in real-time for decision-making and reporting purposes.

Faced with heterogeneous systems for managing stores and the e-commerce site, many distribution brands are interested in moving towards an integrated model where ERP comes online to synchronize multi-site stocks management.

NetSuite enables you to see a unified view of your business and manage orders more efficiently. The solution helps you manage everything from marketing campaigns and promotions to sales network management, and provides visibility into stock levels and supply chain activities. Gain the ability to diversify your sales channels in response to new consumption patterns.


Sales Features

NetSuite's powerful ecommerce capabilities allow you to provide a high-quality customer experience on any device. NetSuite has the ability to function as a full-featured and mobile-ready Point of Sale (POS) system online or to support in-store POS needs. It can also be integrated with your company's existing POS applications (Shopify, etc.) to manage multichannel sales and supplies from a single system.

Sure, your existing physical or virtual stores may contain all the resources that you need to increase your sales, but these require coordination and synchronization. The performance of your customer service and your profitability can be increased by using NetSuite to connect your online sales with your network of brick-and-mortar logistics, providing you with one version of the truth in real-time data.

After setting up the ERP, you will benefit from the traceability of the items sold, and be enabled to ensure a professional after-sales service since your teams will have real-time access to all the necessary information. Want to adapt the supply levels according to promotions linked to the sales cycle? No problem! Need a better way for point-of-sale managers to interact with parent company data? This is it!


Marketing Tools

NetSuite allows you to view a full 360-degree picture of your customers across all channels and touchpoints. Marketing tools help you to target and segment offers to the customers who will benefit from them most. NetSuite also provides your company with simplified central management of all pricing and promotions.

Whether your customers buy from your e-commerce site, in-store, or over the phone, you will be able to find and reference all the information in one place, including a complete view of orders, payments, and invoices. NetSuite ERP helps manage everything from the online display of store stock levels, to the checkout process online, to the guarantee of product availability for pickup at the store.


NetSuite Managed Services for Retail Companies

Looking for ongoing NetSuite support at a price point that works for you? Save money with our year-long managed service plans.


Wholesale Bulk Order Form for Retail

Retail businesses that have large orders want to make the purchasing process as smooth as possible for large orders. Give your customers the ability to instantly add products to the cart from a list of products. Utilize existing search, facets, and filters to narrow the list for bulk ordering. When quantities change, the cart is immediately updated.


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