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single login customer swapping suitecommerce

This SuiteCommerce extension allows a user to swap between customer records without having to log out and back in!

Not only will many B2B customers find this useful, but this extension can help your team be more efficient as well!

This functionality would allow your own support team to easily login under different customer records for the purpose of demoing processes for customers or even placing orders for customers who need additional assistance.

Price includes licensing and up to 20 hours of configuration support!


Extension Features

  • Switch between customer records (perhaps assigned to different locations) without having to log out and back in
  • Contacts associated with multiple customer records can choose which one to login as upon initial sign-in
  • Once signed in, a contact can toggle between customer records at any time
  • No need to log out and back in to switch customer records
Use alongside our Contact Management Solution, and gain the ability to create a new contact for a customer that you were not logged in as!

Business Use Cases

  • Sales reps can order on behalf of their customers (without the need for using a NetSuite full access user license)
  • Wholesalers can allow customer's internal buyers to place orders on behalf of different customer store accounts/locations
  • Companies operating under a franchise model can toggle between the customer records for each franchise location
  • Allow your own support team to be able to log in as different customers and help them out with things

Toggle Account Feature

See the customer account toggle feature of our Single Login Customer Swapping Extension in action, and learn how this extension can be customized to better fit your company's needs!


Only want parent-customer contacts to be able to toggle between child-customer accounts?

If you don't need to allow child-customer (sub-customer) contacts to toggle between accounts, we can implement a simpler version of this extension! Ask our team about the option to only allow parent customer contacts to toggle to child customer accounts in SuiteCommerce.


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*Price is $399/mo equivalent. This solution is billed on an annual basis ($4,788). Pricing includes up to 20 hours of configuration support, which expires 60 days after the initial purchase.


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