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A SuiteCommerce App by the Developers at Anchor Group

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Increase your order total and push more product out the door. Use this pop up as a way to instantly increase revenue. When a customer places an order in checkout, a pop up will appear giving them a special offer. Fully customizing pop up and offer content. Choose the item you want to up sell to your customers. Need to liquidate a low demand product? This is the place to do it!

SuiteCommerce App Features

  • Pop up after customer places an Order
  • SuiteCommerce configuration enabled
  • Fast installation
  • Customize your design
  • Choose your NetSuite item
  • Instantly completes Order with either decision
  • Increases Order totals

Business Use Cases

  • Services: company boost
  • Manufacutring: add extended warranty
  • Software subscription: add-on or discounted users
  • Food and beverage: liquidate expiring products
  • Wholesale and retail: push low demand products out the door

To learn more about this SuiteCommerce app, request a demo from our team!

SuiteCommerce App Details

Implementation Time

Implementation Time

3 hours

Online Price







Checkout Feature




# of Ratings: 5

Total Rating: 5

Free Trial

30-day Free Trial

*Note: The listed price is a one-time install fee. There is no additional monthly or yearly subscription cost. However, any customization or special features added beyond standard implementation time will increase the price. This is determined prior to your purchase during a demo.

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