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Transparency, organization, and focus are important for any business. But they are essential for a nonprofit organization. With NetSuite, you can better serve your mission and give account to all your benefactors better than ever before.

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Key Benefits

  • Seamlessly integrate development and accounting
  • Optimize project and grant initiatives
  • Increase fundraising effectiveness
  • Streamline global operations
  • Global financial capabilities for operations abroad
  • Build communities and sell products and services online


Key Features & Capabilities

  • Constituent relationship management
  • Fundraising
  • Finance and accounting
  • Spend management
  • Financial planning
  • Online commerce
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Global business management
  • Software donation opportunities for nonprofits

*Some features sold in add-on modules


About NetSuite for Nonprofit Organizations

Oracle NetSuite for Nonprofits is a unified business management solution that includes a variety of functionalities to help you achieve your mission. This powerful and flexible business application helps you streamline your organization, making it more efficient, and easy to run. Scale your organization more successfully with industry-leading solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP).

  • Replace isolated and outdated systems to create a single version of the truth
  • Give your front-line teams real-time, device-independent access to data and insights
  • Get better visibility to allocate people and resources more effectively
  • Collect data directly from the field to make faster, better-informed decisions

NetSuite ERP is continually updated to keep pace with changing business conditions and accounting regulations. Each version includes new functions and features, so you can connect to your data from anywhere and on any device.


Manage Nonprofit Financials & Maximize Impact

With NetSuite finance and accounting tools, you can seamlessly integrate your development and accounting. Spend management and financial planning tools help you optimize project and grant initiatives. These tools can also provide you with real-time visibility into spending vs. planned budget to accurately track performance.

  • Strengthen donor relationships through better grant management.
  • Take advantage of modern technology to meet donor expectations
  • Efficiently analyze and report on the impact
  • Reduce administrative costs

Nonprofit accounting follows complex rules and standards. NGOs must attract grants & donations while controlling expenses related to the purpose of the organization. Typically, your accounting is subject to strict donor reporting requirements. Thanks to its multi-currency system, NetSuite ERP allows you to manage and report on transactions in multiple currencies and from various locations.


Improve Compliance and Accountability

NetSuite ERP provides you with a suite of comprehensive accounting tools and adapts to evolving regulations and legal, tax, and donor requirements. NetSuite ERP also allows you to create all the necessary reports to have fully transparent accounting information and classify flows by sources of funding, objectives, or any other attribute to facilitate reviews and audits. 

  • Safeguard public trust and satisfy donor and regulatory requirements.
  • Track all approval audit trails, documents and transactions
  • Monitor and minimize administrative expenses
  • Keep projects and costs under tight control

One of the most prominent features of NetSuite ERP is how it can help you meet reporting requirements. NetSuite ERP allows you to prepare statements of operations results and balance views on funds in the relevant formats, adapting to the needs of your board of directors and the requirements of interested parties (donors, regulatory agencies and internal and external control bodies).


Build Your Global Community

NetSuite for Nonprofits can help you manage your constituent relationships and increase your fundraising effectiveness. NetSuite ecommerce solutions can help you build your online community by enabling you to sell your products & services online, including merchandise related to promoting and supporting your organization.

  • Don't be held back by outdated systems; empower your people
  • Optimize, automate and modernize processes
  • Respond to change quickly and without interruption
  • Provide front-line personnel with real-time information and approvals, wherever they are

Streamline your global operations using NetSuite's global business management tools, and capitalize on the NetSuite global financial capabilities for operations abroad, letting the good work that you do flourish in every corner of the globe.


Control the Project Lifecycle

NetSuite ERP allows you to control the evolution of your projects, from the initial idea to its closure, track the stages from numerous points of view, and create as many reports as you require. This enables you to carry your budget forward into the following year and control your results set — all in a paperless environment — thanks to NetSuite ERP's sophisticated approval workflow and robust document filing system. NetSuite ERP offers a suite of fully-integrated applications for nonprofit organizations. Key enterprise-level modules for this sector include:

  • Grants, funds, and asset accounting
  • Billing accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Human resources and payroll
  • Purchase management
  • Research management
  • Reports and analysis
  • Environmental performance management
  • Travel and expenses
  • Calculation of costs and billing of projects
  • Automation of business processes
  • Budgeting and forecasting

NetSuite ERP can help you automate processes, create alerts and control funds so that you can invest your resources in other more productive operations. NetSuite ERP helps you manage dozens or even hundreds of projects - each of which generates transactions that need to be processed, recorded and accounted for - so that you can track them and control the corresponding budgets in real-time.


Can't Afford NetSuite?

There are software donation opportunities for nonprofits available. For more information, visit our page for the Oracle NetSuite Social Impact for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises.


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