NetSuite Ship Central

A Warehouse Management Solution

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NetSuite Ship Central is a mobile application that will help organizations optimize operations, eliminate manual processes, and accelerate customer deliveries by providing end-to-end capabilities for picking, packing, and shipping products.

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Key Benefits

  • Locate shipments easily
  • Easier consolidation of shipments
  • Print and reprint labels at any point
  • Track packages in real Time
  • Customize Ship Processes
  • Adjusting shipping routes for cost efficiency
  • Customize workflows to meet business demands

Key Features & Capabilities

  • End-to-end capabilities for picking, packing and shipping products
  • Eliminates unnecessary steps in the preparation and shipping process
  • Work across multiple shipping carriers
  • Determine the best carrier based on delivery date and location type
  • Mobile application helps warehouse management optimize fulfillment processes, speeding up delivery times and minimizing shipping costs

About NetSuite Ship Central

NetSuite Ship Central will equip warehouse workers with picking, packing, and shipping tools on a mobile device or kiosk, allowing for greater flexibility and accuracy within standard warehouse operations. The Ship Central app will also help warehouse managers enhance the packing-to-delivery process.

With NetSuite WMS, Ship Central optimizes warehouse operations across SKUs, processes, and locations. Additionally, it provides end-to-end capabilities for picking, packing, and shipping items. The mobile application is expected to expand NetSuite WMS capabilities, enabling organizations to optimize fulfillment processes and reduce shipping costs and transit times.

Locate and Combine Multiple Shipments

One aspect of warehouse management that can significantly improve operational efficiency is reducing the time it takes to locate and pick items to be packed and shipped. NetSuite Ship Central will enable warehouse workers to quickly determine and find shipments that need to go out by scanning a pallet. Warehouse workers can also select from a list of payloads. This functionality reduces the time spent locating orders and information.

NetSuite Ship Central can help businesses find products that are going to the exact single location based on standard criteria, including addresses, carriers, or shipping routes, and combine these shipments, resulting in increased efficiencies and lower costs. Once these items have been identified as going to the sale location, it will pack them all in the same shipment for greater efficiency. Functionality related to identifying products going to a single site based on standard criteria also will help companies working across multiple shipping carriers.

Print and Reprint Labels at Any Point 

NetSuite Ship Central can also help companies speed up the 'pack' and 'ship' stages regarding package labels. Companies will have greater flexibility with the ability to print labels, reprint damaged shipping labels, change label information, and replace missing shipping labels on packages at any point during shipment. In addition to speeding up the initial labeling process, this will reduce the occurrences of parcels getting stuck part-way through the shipping process due to a labeling issue.

Customize Ship Processes & Track Packages in Real Time

Companies can expect to improve their warehouse operations' efficiency by allowing modification of workflows to support unique business requirements. In addition, customizing the shipping process for specific customers will enable companies to be more flexible in their fulfillment, which may even help them attract additional customers.

Across industries, customers indicate that they want more flexibility and visibility into the status of their orders, including the shipping route and progress. Ship Central will enable companies to provide this heightened visibility to customers by allowing them to track their packages more closely in real time via carrier tracking numbers. This functionality can significantly increase customers' trust in a business and improve the customer's ability to plan around up-to-date estimated delivery times.


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