NetSuite Order Management

Enterprise Resource Planning

A flexible order fulfillment solution for businesses that enables you to keep costs low and profitably scale your business as you work to meet customer needs for omnichannel fulfillment.

NetSuite Order Management

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Automated subscription related processes

  • Return and exchange fulfillment

  • Order sourcing and allocation

  • Drop-ship/Endless aisle

  • Order Orchestration

  • Inventory visibility

  • Store fulfillment

Key Benefits:

  • Spend less to integrate, maintain and change your order management processes

  • Empower employees to service customers across all touchpoints

  • Boost profits with effective inventory and order management

  • Increase revenue and customer lifetime value

  • Deliver seamless, cross-channel interactions


The NetSuite Order Management module provides your business with a fulfillment execution that adapts to all warehouse types. Order sourcing and allocation tools determine how to fulfill orders based on global inventory visibility and business rules. This module also provides your sales team with the information they need to handle questions from customers regarding product availability, placing orders and post-order changes or problems.

Inventory & Order Fulfillment:

NetSuite Order Management allows you to spend less time and money integrating, maintaining and changing your order management processes. This module provides your team with the inventory visibility and order orchestration tools they need to boost profits with effective inventory and order management. With store fulfillment capabilities, your business can utilize store inventory to fulfill orders from anywhere, providing quick delivery and service to your customers.

Reach Customers Everywhere:

The NetSuite Order Management includes automated processes related to subscriptions that save your team time by automatically completing repetitive processes. The module also includes tools that allow your business to accept returns and exchanges and manage credits through all of your fulfillment channels. Multi-channel tools provided through NetSuite Order Management empower your employees to provide high quality service to customers across all touchpoints. This allows your business to deliver seamless, consistent, cross-channel interactions to all of your customers.

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