NetSuite Procurement

An Inventory & Manufacturing Management Solution

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Enable your company to buy goods and services at the best cost and in a timely manner by effectively managing your vendor relationships, overseeing source-to-pay processes, and controlling spending.

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Key Benefits

  • Gain a 360-degree view from the procurement dashboard
  • Enforce active purchase agreements
  • Integrate native transaction flows
  • Automate approval routing
  • Track vendor performance


Key Features & Capabilities

  • New purchase contracts
  • Blanket POs
  • Source, procurement, and purchasing
  • New purchase contracts
  • Payment Management
  • Vendor Management

About NetSuite Procurement

Oracle NetSuite Procurement saves your employees time though automating repetitive processes, allowing them to focus on their more interesting tasks. This module can help you reduce your company's costs by focusing purchases towards contracts that have been pre-negotiated and suppliers that have been approved. This NetSuite module also helps you keep tabs on real-time metrics regarding vendor performance and company spending for reporting and decision making.

The Module Basics

Oracle NetSuite Procurement includes many features to help your team with source management, and procurement. Some of these tools and functionalities include tools such as request for quote, blanket Pos, and requisitions.

Purchase and Transaction Features

Purchase contract capabilities help your company gain new purchase contracts and enforce active purchase agreements. Features related to purchasing such as workflow approvals, procurement, and direct vs indirect procurement are also included. Tools related to payment management such as, item receipt, three-way Match, and vendor bill allow you to integrate native transaction flows and automate approval routing.

Track Performance

Vendor management tools related to multi-subsidiary vendors, vendor portal, and item management allow your team to more easily track vendor performance. Easy access to summarized information in the procurement dashboard gives your management a 360-degree view of relationships and job status.


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