NetSuite Demand Planning

An Inventory & Manufacturing Management Solution

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A powerful, innovative tool that helps your business manage inventory more efficiently, reducing lead times and surplus inventory through predictions of required inventory based on historical demand and sales forecasts.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs with order consolidation
  • Simplify the ordering process
  • Optimize inventory levels
  • Workflow approvals
  • Increase turns


Key Features & Capabilities

  • Auto-generation of purchase & Work orders
  • Demand projection
  • Inventory Planning

About NetSuite Demand Planning

Oracle NetSuite Demand Planning provides your organization with auto generation of purchase & work orders. These purchase and work orders can be built off of historical demand, forecasted demand, or both to provide the most accurate demand projections possible.


The Module Basics

NetSuite Demand Planning includes a variety of features that are built to help your organization better meet customer needs through an efficient demand planning process. These features include multi-location inventory, system setup, item setup, demand plans, planning action messages, gross requirements inquiry, and order execution. NetSuite Demand Planning includes a variety of available planning methods such as linear regression, moving average, seasonal average, and sales forecast.


Manage Inventory and Workflow

The NetSuite Demand Planning Module includes inventory planning tools that help you optimize inventory levels and increase turns. Order consolidation capabilities allow you to reduce costs, simplify the ordering process, and more effectively manage workflow approvals.


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