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This program provides qualifying nonprofits and social enterprises with the tools they need to increase the success of their mission with a software donation and pro bono service.

Want more information on how NetSuite Social Impact for Nonprofits? Do you know of a nonprofit or social enterprise that you would like to refer? Continue reading, or download the PDF data sheet on Oracle NetSuite Social Impact for Nonprofits to learn more.


Key Benefits

  • NetSuite's cloud-based unified business management solution at no cost or significant discount
  • Easier management of your organization's business matters so that you can focus on your mission


Key Features & Capabilities

  • Integrating nonprofit accounting
  • Fundraising management
  • Donor and volunteer records
  • Inventory management
  • Ecommerce

About Oracle NetSuite Social Impact for Nonprofits

Hundreds of organizations are already improving their back-office operations with NetSuite's technologies. If your nonprofit, charity, or social enterprise qualifies, your organization can receive the standard base software donation at no cost or a significant discount off of list prices. If your organization loves using NetSuite, additional users and modules can be purchased at a discount which is determined by the previous year's revenue for your organization.


How NetSuite Can Help You

NetSuite's solutions allow you to manage your organization's business matters much more easily, allowing you and your team to spend less time on busy work, and more time focusing on carrying out your mission. NetSuite's integrated nonprofit accounting can help you stay compliant with accounting standards. Inventory management and ecommerce tools can help your organization manage the merchandise related to your mission. NetSuite provides you with the tools you need to make fundraising management easier, complete with donor and volunteer records.

If these features and benefits would be valuable to your organization, you can apply to receive this cloud-based unified business management solution at no cost or significant discount. Any organizations that are registered as a nonprofit or social enterprise in their country of origin and can demonstrate how their mission is positively impacting society are able to apply.


How to Apply

  1. Nonprofit and Social Enterprise representatives should begin by visiting
  2. Oracle NetSuite Social Impact will evaluate and qualify the organization.
  3. Upon qualification, the organization will receive a software donation and is now eligible to apply for Suite Pro Bono support.

Some modules that may be useful to nonprofits and social enterprises are:


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