SuitePeople Performance Management

A NetSuite Human Resources (HR) Solution

netsuite suitepeople performance management module

The NetSuite SuitePeople Performance Management Add-on Module enables companies to improve workforce performance on a daily basis.

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Key Benefits

  • Deliver more consistent and effective performance reviews
  • Quickly create and customize performance review templates
  • Streamlined employee approvals and acknowledgments process
  • Reduces HR administrative tasks and manual process
  • Get better workforce performance data to drive decisions
  • Easily prepare for reviews without digging up old documentation
  • Real-time goal monitoring with automatic progress updates
  • Managers and employees collaborate on goals & priorities, increasing performance and overall review impact

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Automate goal management and performance review processes
  • 12 customizable performance metrics and the ability to create new
  • Progress automatically updates from operational NetSuite data
  • Managers can approve, monitor, coach on, or re-prioritize goals
  • HR can schedule and notify employees when reviews are due
  • Company-wide performance review results help inform workforce planning decisions around hiring, promotions, or reorganizations

About SuitePeople Performance Management

SuitePeople makes performance management more efficient and keeps employees engaged by helping create goals, monitoring progress toward those goals, and recognizing achievements. Employees and managers can collaborate on goals, easily rate progress, and provide reflections on past performance. In addition, real-time, automatic progress updates toward goals using data from other NetSuite applications, including CRM and PSA, result in more accurate performance reviews. 

SuitePeople Performance Management provides a central place to administer the performance review process. Templates, scheduling capabilities, and customizable reports help HR leaders deliver a more intuitive and efficient review process. SuitePeople Performance Management reduces the time needed to complete performance reviews and increases completion rates by automating objective aspects of employee goal management and the performance review process overall.

Goal Metrics, Progress, and Status

Employees can select from a list of industry-specific performance metrics or manually set goals. SuitePeople Performance Management comes with 12 pre-established goal metrics and allows employees to create additional metrics by pulling data from other NetSuite applications. In addition, goal-progress metrics for a given employee are automatically updated from operational NetSuite data in real-time so that each goal includes accurate progress related to each performance measurement.

Available goal statuses are 'Planned', 'In Progress', and 'Closed', and drag-and-drop functionality allows employees to move goals across status phases easily. In addition, the status of a given goal is visually represented on a dashboard portlet that is personalized for each employee.

Goal Management & Reports

In SuitePeople, employees develop goals connected to their work via performance metrics, and managers approve goals for their direct reports. Managers and employees can use threaded conversations to discuss and reflect on performance toward goals at any time. This interactive experience encourages frequent discussions about progress, promotes more timely and effective feedback, and simplifies performance review preparation. Together with their managers, employees can re-prioritize goals based on business needs to keep focused on the most critical work. In addition, since goal-related discussions and decisions are tracked, they can easily be referenced during performance reviews.

By leveraging SuiteAnalytics Workbooks in connection with SuitePeople Performance Management, HR managers and NetSuite admins can access standard performance-related reports and view an individual employee's overdue reviews, rating distribution, and review history. In addition, teams can see an overview of goals across the organization, including information on overdue goals.

Performance Reviews  

With SuitePeople Performance Management, review templates define instructions, questions, and rating scales. In addition, HR leaders or admins can create performance review templates with questions tailored for different locations, jobs, subsidiaries, or departments to help evaluate employees more consistently.

For individual reviews, each of the employee's goals over the period is automatically pulled into their performance review. Both employees and managers can rate performance on individual goals, and these rating scales can be easily added to performance review templates. 

While employees acknowledge the contents of a review at the end of the cycle, HR or designated admins can customize the acknowledgment language. HR then completes the review process by approving individual reviews.


SuitePeople Performance Management FAQs

  • Does Anchor Group implement NetSuite SuitePeople Performance Management?

    Yes! Anchor Group provides implementation services for NetSuite modules, including SuitePeople Performance Management. Contact us to learn more about our NetSuite module implementation services!


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