NetSuite Project Management

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

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Manage your projects more effectively by utilizing the fully redone Gantt Chart, have greater visibility into key performance indicators (KPI) through the project dashboard, and stay informed wherever you are with the mobile apps.

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Key Benefits

  • Improve maintain tighter control of project accounting
  • Understand the true costs of the services you render
  • Broaden project visibility, measure performance
  • Improve productivity and drive efficiencies
  • Manage multiple project types


Key Features & Capabilities

  • Tie projects to customers and bill directly
  • Payroll expense allocation for Jobs
  • Organize tasks and activities
  • Mobile time and expense
  • Automate job creation
  • GANTT chart
  • Timesheets

About NetSuite Product Management

NetSuite Project Management includes many tools to help your business succeed such as project tasks, a project dashboard, a project center, project-based milestones, project templates, a project P&L tab, project billing, and project tracking reports. These tools give your team the ability to complete tasks such as tracking project time, estimating costs, and reporting utilization and backlog information.

Project Management Basics

With NetSuite Project Management, your team has the ability to organize tasks and automate job creation to improve productivity and drive operational efficiencies. The GANTT chart feature allows your team to broaden project visibility and measure performance for multiple project types.

Control Project Costs

NetSuite Project Management gives you a better understanding of the true costs of your products, and allow you to have more control over project accounting. Financial aspects of projects can also be made simpler through the ability to tie projects to customers and them bill directly for services rendered.

Labor and Expenses

Payroll expense allocations for jobs help your team understand the true costs of the services you render, enabling you to price out products and services accordingly. Mobile time sheets allow your employees to input accurate time data anywhere at any-time, allowing for real-time accurate data for each project.


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