NetSuite Advanced Order Management

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

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An omnichannel order allocation orchestration for businesses that helps you deliver the perfect order efficiently and profitably by automating order processing and execution, and fulfilling orders based on global inventory and business rules.

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Key Benefits

  • Satisfy omnichannel shoppers with delivery & fulfillment options
  • Deploy quickly and iterate as the market and your business change
  • Omnichannel fulfillment from wherever you hold inventory
  • Eliminate manual work and manage only by exception
  • Increase inventory turns while preserving safety stock
  • Scale your business while keeping labor fixed
  • Optimize fulfillment to meet demand


Key Features & Capabilities

  • Order management insight and KPIs
  • Order sourcing and allocation
  • Exception management
  • Release for Fulfillment
  • Ship from store
  • Store pickup

About NetSuite Advanced Order Management

NetSuite Advanced Order Management allows you to take your business' service abilities even a step further than NetSuite Order Management. The tools provided in this module enable your business to effectively manage and provide omnichannel fulfillment wherever you hold inventory.


Optimized Inventory Management

With NetSuite Advanced Order Management, insight into KPIs help you optimize fulfillment to meet demand through increasing inventory turns while preserving enough safety stock to handle varying demand. Automation and resource optimization help you scale your business while keeping labor fixed. These features enable you adapt quickly as the market and your business change, while giving your team the freedom to manage only by exception.


Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

NetSuite Advanced Order Management features such as release for fulfillment and order sourcing and allocation provide your company with the ability to fulfill from wherever your organization has inventory. Other features such as store pickup and ship from store enable you to satisfy omnichannel shoppers with prompt delivery.


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NetSuite Integrations

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