NetSuite SuitePeople HR

Human Capital Management

Fully integrated with NetSuite, this module is an HR system that drives efficiency by eliminating time consuming manual processes, enabling more efficient HR and workforce management that keeps people at the center.

NetSuite SuitePeople HR

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Company directory and organizational browser

  • Redefined employee and manager experience

  • Pre-built HR reports and workforce analytics

  • Time-off management and workflows

  • Employee engagement and kudos

Key Benefits:

  • Unified NetSuite solution connects HR data with financial, procurement, project, payroll, planning and budgeting processes

  • Centralized solution to manage and maintain global employee records

  • Provides real-time people analytics alongside financial analytics

  • Easy-to-use tools provide engaging employee experiences


Oracle NetSuite SuitePeople HR is a versatile platform for your human resources team to operate in. This module is a unified solution that connects HR data with financial, procurement, project, payroll, planning and budgeting processes. Easy-to-use tools such as time-off management, workflows, and employee engagement and kudos provide engaging employee experiences that reshape the employee/manager experience.

The Basics:

Company-wide employee directory and organizational browser enables easier centralized management of global employees and employee information. HR reporting and analytics tools provide your team with real-time people analytics alongside financial analytics for easier financial management. Seamless integration and implementation with SuitePeople U.S. Payroll gives you the option to maximize the benefits of your NetSuite products.

Leverage the NetSuite Platform:

Oracle NetSuite SuitePeople HR is a flexible platform that ties directly into SuiteCloud for access to the tools and information you need any-time, anywhere. Unified access streamlines the movement of employee data and allows for easy reporting for reporting and decision making. This module helps your HR team keep people at the core of their operations through a great user experience that provides organization members with the information they need to foster their most valuable resources, the people they manage. NetSuite SuitePeople HR is a global platform with localized customizations, allowing your company to have a global reach while easily adapting to local HR needs.

Employee Information all at Your Fingertips:

Global employee records store all information relevant to each employee, providing a full picture across NetSuite including data from ERP, CRM, PSA and omnichannel commerce modules. The employee dashboard provides a quick-view of key data such as basic HR data and demographic details as well as time and expense, purchase orders, approvals and reminders. Role-based security allows executives, managers, supervisors and employees to access the HR information they need, without your organization having to worry about accidental sharing of sensitive information.

Data management:

SuitePeople HR advanced HCM data management features make data regarding compensation, payroll and commissions, benefits, and time-off plans available to your team. The organizational structure of NetSuite SuitePeople HR allows you to define information about each employee including their supervisor, location, subsidiary and department for easy data sorting and searching abilities. Effective dating provides you with the flexibility you need by allowing you to make changes to the employee record in the past or future and helping you manage conflicts with other changes.

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