NetSuite SuiteAnalytics

A Data & Analytics Management Solution

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Easily access accurate and up-to-date data analytics to help you recognize, identify, and visualize patterns and opportunities, gaining actionable insights to drive your business decisions and accelerate business outcomes.

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Key Benefits

  • No added cost, complexity or latency of data warehousing systems or disparate systems
  • Real-time transparency into company performance across all business functions
  • Easy-to-use tools without requiring programming or technical resources
  • A single version of the truth with all data residing in a single source

Key Features & Capabilities

  • SuiteAnalytics Saved Search
  • SuiteAnalytics Reports
  • SuiteAnalytics KPI
  • SuiteAnalytics Dashboard
  • SuiteAnalytics Connect

About NetSuite SuiteAnalytics

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics provides you with single version of the truth since all of your operational data comes from a single source. This means you can easily view company performance across business functions with real-time transparency, allowing you to more quickly recognize problems.


Features to Improve Data Management and Analysis

  • SuiteAnalytics Saved Search helps you to quickly filter and match data.
  • SuiteAnalytics Reports provides your team with summaries and detailed breakdowns of business operations.
  • SuiteAnalytics KPI tracking allows you to see how your business is performing and is easily added to the Suite Analytics Dashboard for quick viewing.
  • SuiteAnalytics Connect enables the connection of third party and custom made tools to hep you manage your data using a process that is tailored to your business.


The SuiteAnalytics Workbook

  • The pivoting feature enables flexible performance comparisons and easy trend-spotting.
  • The charting feature enables visual communication to help decision makers understand data more easily and quickly.
  • Updated Data Model that supports custom fields and can define multiple joins.
  • Datasets provide your team with data sources that can be used across multiple workbooks.
  • Dashboard portlets provide quick viewing of key data necessary for business decisions.
  • Templates can save your team time and/or give your team ideas on what to include in various workbooks.


Easy Implementation

This module includes easy-to-use tools that don't requiring programming or technical resources to implement them. Using SuiteAnalytics saves your business from incurring added costs and complexity related to data warehouse systems that are not built to integrate with your company's other business management tools.


Marketing More Efficiently with NetSuite

If your company uses NetSuite but has not yet engaged with the SuiteAnalytics Workbook tool, the time to start is now! This new tool (beta 2018, recent update 2020) combines the power and repeatability of Saved Searches with the accessibility of Reports. For many NetSuite users, the Workbook tool could entirely replace both Saved Searches and Reports, with a number of added benefits.


If this module doesn't fit your needs, there are other data management solutions available:


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