NetSuite for Media Companies

Industry-Specific NetSuite Solutions

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United simplicity, automated dynamism, and easy to access data make NetSuite for media companies a must-have for media firms.

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Key Benefits

  • Role-based, customizable dashboards
  • Real-time, industry-specific KPIs
  • Integrated CRM, ERP and Ecommerce
  • Self-service customer and subscriber centers

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Insertion order management
  • Campaign ID management
  • Customized reporting on historical and comparative data
  • Efficient workflow management with advanced reporting features
  • Line item billing for complex Insertion orders
  • Financials/ERP
  • Customer relationship management
  • Partner relationship management
  • Employee management and productivity

*Some features sold in add-on modules

About NetSuite for Media and publishing companies :

Oracle NetSuite for Media Companies simplifies complex issues traditionally done with several different programs and spreadsheets. It offers media and publishing companies a view of the complete life-cycle of sales campaigns and subscriber life. It manages billing for complex ad campaigns. And as it does all this, it provides you with real-time reporting, so you can make the right decisions when you need to make them.

Manage the whole life cycle

NetSuite for Media Companies provides you with one system that covers the complete media lifecycle of subscribers and advertisers alike. This eliminates the need for multiple programs and spreadsheets, allowing for faster and more accurate numbers in real-time. It tracks advertisements from the moment of their insertion through their fulfillment and verification, and it automatically makes invoices in customizable billing schedules. It tracks advertisements sales with back-office financial accounting and order management processes.  In the realm of subscribers, it executes sales campaigns and compiles their results and proactively manages renewals to minimize churn and sustain revenue.

Simplify billing

When dealing with multiple advertisements in different issues or runs as part of a campaign, things can get complicated. NetSuite tracks the advertisements and automatically creates invoices as each piece of the campaign is completed. This allows for simplified ad management and eliminates the outstanding days and increases cash flow.

Data-driven Management

Acquire business intelligence through the use of real-time dashboards that display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Role-based, customizable dashboards provide your team with fast and detailed reporting on historical and comparative data with real-time, industry-specific KPI information.

Implementing NetSuite

Whether you are a media or publishing company, NetSuite provides a cost-effective solution that integrates sales for subscribers and advertisers alike, executes sales campaigns, and compiles all the data into one unified application suite. If you decide it's time for your business to implement NetSuite, let us know and we will help you integrate NetSuite into your growing company with time tried, proven professional service.

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