NetSuite for Media Companies

Industry Specific NetSuite Solutions

See how NetSuite can help your media company, and learn which modules may be most useful to you.

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Insertion order management

  • Campaign ID management

  • Fast, detailed and customized reporting on historical and comparative data

  • Efficient workflow and inventory management with advanced reporting features

  • Line item billing for complex insertion orders

  • Financials/ERP

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Partner Relationship Management

  • Employee Management and Productivity
    *Some features sold in add-on modules

Key Benefits:

  • Role-based, customizable dashboards

  • Real-time, industry-specific KPIs

  • Integrated CRM, ERP and Ecommerce

  • Self-service customer and subscriber centers


Oracle NetSuite for Media Companies allows you to automate business processes in one industry-specific suite. The modules provide you with the tools you need to increase your business' success with integrated CRM, ERP, and ecommerce tools. Self-service customer and subscriber centers provide an easier personalized customer experience.

The Basics:

NetSuite for Media Companies provides you with one system that covers the complete media lifecycle management. NetSuite allows you to manage your employees productivity with an efficient workflow and inventory management process complete with advanced reporting features. The module also provides features that help you simplify the management and billing of complex advertisement orders such as automated campaign ID management and tracking, and billing per impression.


Utilize customization options in order to meet you specific business requirements. Tools related to customer differentiation help you manage your distinct customer types. This solution also provides you with the financial tools that allow you to implement line item billing for complex insertion orders.

Data-driven Management:

Acquire business intelligence through the use of real-time dashboards that display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Role-based, customizable dashboards provide your team with fast and detailed reporting on historical and comparative data with real-time, industry-specific KPI information.

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