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NetSuite Administrator


The NetSuite Administrator course is designed to bring your designated NetSuite administrator up to speed. This person may be acting as your subject matter expert (SME) and now is required to perform more active work in NetSuite. This course will pave the foundations for new NetSuite administrators and is a fantastic option for organizations wishing to make an internal employee their NetSuite administrator. 

Course Contents:

This course covers a wide range of NetSuite administrator tasks. Due to the number of things an administrator may need to know, this is not an exhaustive list. If there is an area not currently covered and should be in this administrator course, we will likely add it for you to make sure you have gained all the knowledge you need to perform your job. 

Estimated Duration of Course: 2 Weeks

  • Dashboard

  • Preferences

  • Employees and permissions

  • Workflows

  • Records

  • Saved Searches

  • Reports

  • SuiteCommerce Basics

  • Scheduling

  • Item Records

  • Inventory

  • Sales

  • Documents

  • Company Setup

  • Enable Features

  • Bundles

  • Forms

  • Custom Records and Fields

  • Call for questions on other areas this course covers


Each course you purchase gets one FREE 30 minute tutor session to help you work through your assignments when you get stuck. You will get access to a special Slack channel specific to this course to be able to ask questions to others working in the course. Tutors monitor the channel to provide support when needed.