Working with Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning (Automated Version)

Automated vs Manual versions of Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning

Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning was built as a convenient way for users in NetSuite to follow up on invoices with their customers. There are two versions of Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning, a manual version and an automated version.

The manual version gives you a bit more control over individual email sends, but requires more hands-on attention from your team. The automated version, which will be the focus of this article, works well for companies that don't need someone to review each invoice manually before they can be sent out.

The Automated version of the Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning solution comes with an automation configuration screen. Unlike the Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning manual screen, this is only available to the NetSuite account administrator.

Setting up the Bulk Email Automation

The Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning configuration page allows you to set up various aspects of the automation.

You can establish an Email Author, who on your team the email will be sent from. You can define the Number of Days Before Due Date the email should be sent out. If you set this as zero, it will automatically send out invoices on the due date using the email template you select from the Email Template Before field.

The automation configuration then lets you define the Number of Days After Due Date to send a follow-up email if the customer still has not paid. There is also a checkbox that allows you to Exclude Partially Paid Invoices.

Multi-Attachment Invoice Emails

Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning also allows you to choose to Send a Multi-attach Email. So if more than one invoice is open for a particular customer, it will send a single email with all those invoices attached. There is also a second Merge Attachment option that takes this one step further and actually merges all the invoices into a single PDF file. Both of these merge options are very useful when you have many invoices open for customers, and they don't want to receive a very large number of emails from you.

Setting up Dunning Levels

So now that we've looked at the basic settings of the email automation, let's take a closer look at some more settings you can establish for dunning. These settings are on the Follow-Up Configuration tab of the same automation configuration page we have been looking at so far.

Here you can establish up to four dunning levels, each with a different email template. You can choose a Frequency of Reminder After Due Date, and this option allows you to follow up monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Setting a Threshold Amount tells the automation when to stop following up with a customer about an invoice. So for example, maybe you have found that once invoices have been paid down by a customer until there are only 100 left it is not worth following up. So this field allows you to define that and only send emails to invoices with more than $100 due, for example.

You can Include Customer Statement, either only with open transactions or just a customer statement, and you can set the statement range for the last two months for example, or the for last quarter. If you need more than a quarter, the solution can be configured to send them out for up to a year.

Running the Bulk Emailing Automation

Now, once you have established all of these settings, and you ensure that the Start Automation Checkbox is selected, you simply click Submit! Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning will then automatically run every day at a time of your choice. It will look at invoices that meet all of these criteria you just established and send out the emails automatically, to help you easily collect more on your invoices!

Don't have Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning?

The functionality outlined in this article is made available through the Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning solution for NetSuite. Interested in learning more about this invoicing solution for NetSuite? Check it out!

About Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning

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