What is a BigCommerce Developer?

in February 20th, 2024

A BigCommerce developer is a skilled professional proficient in utilizing the BigCommerce platform to engineer and develop tailored solutions for ecommerce businesses. To grasp the essence of what a BigCommerce developer does, it's essential to understand the nature of BigCommerce itself.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce stands as a prominent software-as-a-service (SaaS) based platform designed explicitly for hosting and facilitating ecommerce operations. It offers a comprehensive suite of solutions catering to businesses of diverse sizes and requirements, ranging from fully hosted packages to headless APIs. This versatile platform empowers businesses to establish and manage their online presence efficiently, offering a myriad of features and functionalities essential for driving growth and success in the digital marketplace.

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The Role of a BigCommerce Developer

Now, let's delve deeper into the role of a BigCommerce developer within this ecosystem. A BigCommerce developer is not merely someone who possesses expertise in utilizing the platform's features but is also adept at harnessing its full potential to engineer customized solutions tailored specifically to the unique needs and objectives of each ecommerce business.

These developers possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of the BigCommerce platform, including its various features, APIs, and integration capabilities. For example, a company may choose to integrate BigCommerce with NetSuite. BigCommerce developers leverage this knowledge to architect and develop solutions that align seamlessly with the business requirements, optimizing the ecommerce experience for both merchants and customers alike.

BigCommerce Developer?

Developers specializing in BigCommerce undertake a range of responsibilities. Upon acquisition of a project, these developers initiate the process by gathering product requirements. This initial step enables them to assess how a business can utilize the inherent capabilities of BigCommerce and pinpoint areas requiring further customization. Subsequently, in collaboration with a project manager, BigCommerce developers draft development requirements specific to any BigCommerce project.

BigCommerce Development Work

BigCommerce developers then proceed to execute the development tasks necessary to implement the customizations tailored to what a business needs. Throughout the development phase, they continuously refine the product requirements, prioritizing essential features crucial for success in the ecommerce domain. This adaptable approach ensures that BigCommerce developers consistently meet project deadlines while delivering optimal ecommerce solutions.

Developers Document BigCommerce Customizations

Throughout this process, developers meticulously document any technical customizations made, ensuring their clients have a comprehensive understanding of their ecommerce product. This commitment to documentation ensures transparency and facilitates effective communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Technical Knowledge Meets Business Acumen

In short, BigCommerce developers are integral to the success of BigCommerce projects, combining technical expertise with a deep understanding of business needs. They navigate the complexities of the BigCommerce platform, translating requirements into customized solutions while maintaining a focus on project timelines and client satisfaction. With their thorough documentation and commitment to transparent communication, these developers ensure that every aspect of the BigCommerce product is understood throughout the project lifecycle.

BigCommerce Developer Skills & Backgrounds

BigCommerce developers come from various technical backgrounds, each with a unique journey. In the midst of this diversity, they all share a common trait: proficiency in the BigCommerce platform. While their specific technical skills may differ, they all have essential competencies.

Essentially, BigCommerce developers are skilled in web development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They also understand server-side scripting languages, with many utilizing Node.js for their projects. Those specializing in headless development possess broader technical skills, including expertise in front-end frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular, or Svelte, along with knowledge of backend languages. This means that headless BigCommerce developers encompass the full skill set of an experienced full-stack developer, coupled with the necessary BigCommerce experience to leverage its ecosystem effectively.

Moreover, they have a profound understanding of ecommerce principles, user experience design, and SEO best practices. This holistic skill set empowers them to craft compelling and prosperous online stores on the BigCommerce platform. They know how to optimize websites for both users and search engines, ensuring a seamless shopping experience and maximal online visibility for businesses. In essence, BigCommerce developers bring a fusion of technical proficiency and e-commerce acumen to the table, serving as invaluable assets for businesses aiming to excel in the digital marketplace.

Qualities of a Good BigCommerce Developer

A good BigCommerce developer will work to discern how the platform can best fulfill a company's needs. Through the BigCommerce implementation process, the developer builds and deploys automation, customizations, and integrations to meet business needs, industry-specific processes, and regulatory requirements.

Even after go-live, you can count on a good BigCommerce developer to help you scale your configuration through additional integrations and BigCommerce Apps as your company grows. The goal of a NetSuite developer is to help NetSuite form around a business to automate daily tasks while retaining data integrity.

Author: Maxwell Sherwin

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