SCA Version Migration

How do SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) updates work? What level of support do the different updates require? While SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) requires version migrations, SuiteCommerce (previously known as SuiteCommerce standard) does not. In fact, that is one of the main differences between SuiteCommerce and SCA. SuiteCommerce and SCA are two different software systems, yet nearly identical, and both need to be updated. These updates are set up differently due to the scale of the customizations and integrations that are typically associated with each system.

SCA Version Migration

Does SuiteCommerce Require Version Migrations?

A SuiteCommerce site is considered easy to maintain because there is no need to migrate between different versions, there is no “version lock” so to speak. Generally, this works well, because SuiteCommerce users typically have few customizations that have to be monitored during an update. This is a great benefit to companies because it means that they can immediately take advantage of the new features that become available with every release. As soon as the automatic update takes place, the SuiteCommerce website is up to date with the latest and greatest site tools. Sounds great right?

SuiteCommerce Automatic Update

Unfortunately, there is a downside to these automatic updates. With automatic updates, there is a risk of automatic upgrades breaking your customizations. Luckily, companies using SuiteCommerce usually don't have too many add-ons or customizations. Since that is the case, companies just need to be aware of their customizations before each update and be sure to check sandbox for any issues. Companies will typically have access to any new SuiteCommerce updates in sandbox in plenty of time before the release date. This allows people to be proactive in protecting their customizations and make any adjustments needed before a customization can break and disrupt your online presence. Additionally, there are always NetSuite developers who can use extensibility API (managed NetSuite functions) to set up customizations in such a way that they will break less frequently during these automatic upgrades.

SCA Version Migration

Updating SuiteCommerce Advanced is a bit more complicated. SCA is not a managed bundle and instead has a "version lock". This means that companies have to manage their own updates as upgrades become available. This process involves assigning this task to qualified employees (such as in-house NetSuite developers) or hiring someone to manage these upgrades for them (such as a NetSuite Partner).  While this might initially seem like a tedious process, there are benefits to having a bundle that is not managed. Companies using SCA usually have a greater number of customizations built into their website than companies that use SuiteCommerce. However, just like companies that use SuiteCommerce, SCA users rely on having a platform that doesn't break during upgrades and disrupt their daily operations, and that's where SCA version migrations are so useful.

Upgrade When Ready

Having a bundle that is not managed enables a company's development team to make the transition to the upgraded version of SCA when they are ready. This gives the company time to test out the upgrade in sandbox and modify any customizations before they have a chance to break on the live version of the site. So, while they lack the ease of SuiteCommerce automatic upgrades, SCA version migrations allow companies the time they need to protect their many customizations.

SCA Version Migration Support: What to Look For

Whenever a company wants to upgrade to the next version of SCA, they will need to get in touch with their development team. The NetSuite developers will check the SuiteCommerce theme, app extensions, and any NetSuite Integrations that the company has connected to their SCA website. After testing the new version in sandbox, the development team can make any updates to a customization that might be needed. Once the site is fully tested and ready to go, they will deploy the site to production for go-live. Because this process is so crucial to preserving smooth business operations during and after the migration, companies need to be sure that they have the help they need.

Ideally, the development team that your company contacts for SCA version migrations should be the same team that implemented SuiteCommerce Advanced for your company. This team will already be familiar with the existing customizations and be able to more quickly and efficiently manage the migration, saving your company time and money. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why you might not be able to reach out to your original development team. After all, sometimes consulting firms close, freelance developers retire, or your initial implementation didn't go well and you are looking to switch to a new development team to handle version migrations, extensions, and customizations. In short, business relationships can fall apart for different reasons, and sometimes you find yourself looking for a new development team.

Find a Team that Specializes in SuiteCommerce

While there are many other things you need to consider in order to find the right NetSuite Partner, a specialization in SuiteCommerce is the first thing you will want to look for in a development team for SCA version migrations. Specifically, you will want to find a team that is an Oracle NetSuite Commerce Partner. Narrowing your search to these partners will help you more quickly find a development team that you know is qualified for the job.

SuiteCommerce Advanced Book

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Can Anchor Group Manage SCA Version Migrations?

Yes! Anchor Group is an Oracle NetSuite Commerce Partner. Our team is fully equipped to handle SCA version migrations of any size, and we have proven success in helping companies keep their customizations intact through SCA version migrations. If you are looking for an expert team of consultants and developers to manage your SCA Version Migration, you can contact our team for some free consulting advice. After an initial discovery call, you will have a good understanding of our level of service, and whether we would be a good fit for your company. we have connections all through the NetSuite space, so if we aren't the right fit, we can direct you towards other teams who will be.

Published July 7, 2021

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