NetSuite WIP and Routings

An Inventory & Manufacturing Management Solution

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Key Benefits:

  • Easily track costs in operation completion
  • Track costs related to works-in-progress
  • Simplified work center management

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Allows assignment of billing schedules based on sales order line items
  • Record labor, machine, and material direct and overhead costs
  • Track manufacturing activities by sequence of operations
  • Define routings with setup times and run rates

Product Description:

NetSuite WIP and routings provides many functionalities to its users such as accurate costing, work center management, a drag-and-drop GANTT style scheduler, infinite capacity scheduling, tracking for work-in-progress costs, and the ability to review and analyze production plans based on actual production times.

The Basics

Record labor, machine, and material direct and overhead costs in operation completion. Track the same costs related to works-in-progress for real-time data accuracy for decision making and reporting.

Simplified Work Center Management

NetSuite WIP and Routings allows you to track manufacturing activities by sequence of operations. The module also allows you to define routings with setup times and run rates for more accurate production planning.

Comparing NetSuite Manufacturing Modules

Trying to decide which NetSuite manufacturing module is right from your company, but having a difficult time comparing the available options? No problem! The following graphic illustrates the general features/capabilities of the three primary manufacturing solutions by NetSuite. WIP & Routings will likely be a good fit for large manufacturing businesses, while Work Orders and Assemblies caters towards mid-level manufacturing businesses, and Advanced Manufacturing is the best fit for enterprise-level manufacturers. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. To discover which NetSuite manufacturing solution is truly the best fit for your business, you will need to contact a Certified NetSuite Consultant.

Compare NeSuite Manufacturing Modules for NetSuite

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