NetSuite Production Scheduling

An Inventory & Manufacturing Management Solution

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Create a realistic schedule and deliver the right product, on time, and at the best cost through this solution that provides you with enough complexity to achieve the results you need without sacrificing usability in the process.

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Key Benefits

  • Choice of infinite or finite scheduling with user definable constraints
  • Real-time scheduling engine—both forward and backwards
  • Flexible scheduling code to enable light to dark sequencing
  • Drag-and-Drop scheduled operations for manual override
  • Multiple graphical representations of the schedule

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Real-time updates from production
  • Real-time scheduling engine
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Work Center Dispatch List
  • Shop Calendar Definition
  • Batch Scheduling

About NetSuite Production Scheduling

Oracle NetSuite Production Scheduling is a real-time scheduling engine that provides your team with the features they need to manage projects efficiently. The real-time scheduling engine works both forwards and backwards and provides you with the choice of finite or infinite scheduling set with user definable constraints.


The Module Basics

This module includes features such as the manufacturing workbench, work center dispatch list, shop calendar definition, batch scheduling, and flexible scheduling code to enable light to dark sequencing. Real-time updates from production work in tandem with the drag-and-drop scheduled operations features for manual override to help you manage exceptions, changes, and daily fluctuations in operation.

Manufacturing Workbench & Calendar View

The manufacturing workbench allows you to define things such as asset and labor requirements, detailed work instructions, inspection plans, setup and run standards, lag and hold time, and batch configuration. The calendar view critical information such as work order status, utilization percentages, planned vs. completed quantities, and planned available hours for a given period.

Data Visualization

In addition to the calendar view, there are multiple graphical representations of the schedule to allow your team to see summaries and trends in real-time, enabling you to recognize patterns that can be capitalized on for improvement.


Production Scheduling FAQs

  • Does NetSuite do scheduling?

    Yes! NetSuite Production Scheduling is a powerful, innovative tool that helps your business manage inventory more efficiently, reducing lead times and surplus inventory through predictions of required inventory based on historical demand and sales forecasts.

  • Does Anchor Group implement NetSuite Production Scheduling?

    Yes! Anchor Group provides implementation services for NetSuite modules, including NetSuite Production Scheduling. Contact us to learn more about our NetSuite module implementation services!


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