NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing

Inventory & Manufacturing Management

A single integrated cloud solution that delivers one complete version of the truth, helping you reduce operating costs, increase revenue, and better manage business and supply chain processes.

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Variance management: compare actual versus standard

  • Manufacturing information and intelligence

  • Integrate plant to enterprise (P2E)

  • Extended Setup Criteria

  • Quality Management

  • Mobile Capability

Key Benefits:

  • Unified solution—reduce reliance on third parties

  • Improve quality, service and through-put

  • Improve operational effectiveness

  • Reduce ‘Cost to Produce’

  • Faster Time to Value

  • One version of the truth


The Oracle NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing module includes many functionalities to help your manufacturing business succeed. Batch or process manufactures as well as discrete and assembly manufacturers can find help for their pain points in this module.

The Basics:

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing is a unified solution that helps your company reduce reliance on third parties in manufacturing processes and management. With this module as your single information bank, your team has one consistent version of the truth to work with when making decisions and drafting reports. NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing includes many other tools to improve your ware house management including Expended Setup Criteria and Mobile Capabilities.

Measure and Improve Performance:

Access to manufacturing information and intelligence allows you to improve operational effectiveness, reducing the cost to produce products, and increasing the time to value of operations. Variance management allows your team to compare actual performance to pre-set standards, while quality management tools help your organization improve quality, service and through-put. This module allows you to fully integrate your plant to enterprise (P2E) operations.

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