NetSuite Multi-Book Accounting

Financial Management

Simplify accounting tasks with the ability to concurrently report financial results based on multiple accounting standards for different industries and countries.

NetSuite Multi-Book Accounting

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Pre-built mapping from one transaction to multiple books

  • Concurrent posting to books as transactions occur

  • Subsidiary-book relationship mapping capabilities

  • Automated accounting rule-driven engine

  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis

  • Foreign Currency Management

  • Before-and-after reports

  • Ongoing compliance

  • Real-time visibility

Key Benefits:

  • Assign fixed assets to multiple books with different currencies and depreciation methods

  • Make the necessary customizations in your accounting processes

  • See accurate flash report financials for any book, anytime

  • Improve communication with stakeholders

  • Manage financials across the company

  • Optimize the financial close process


Oracle NetSuite Multi-Book Accounting, provides you with all the tools you need to book specific charts of accounts, general ledger, accounting rules, and financial reporting. This module also gives your team the ability to easily and clearly demonstrate the impact of new accounting rules, tax laws, and other changes to stakeholders.

A Unified Solution:

The NetSuite Multi-Book Accounting module is built to help you manage financials across your company. Comprehensive reporting and analysis, along with before and after reports help you improve your communication with stakeholders regarding the specifics of the company's financial state. The availability of real-time visibility allows you to see accurate summaries of financials for any book at all times.

Easy Management of Complicated Processes:

NetSuite Multi-Book Accounting is fully equipped with an automated accounting rule-driven engine and subsidiary-book relationship mapping capabilities. Concurrent posting to books combined with pre-built mapping of one transaction to multiple books allows you to assign fixed assets to multiple books with different currencies and depreciation methods. Built-in tools for ongoing compliance help you make the necessary customizations in your accounting process, while foreign currency management makes accounting easier than ever for global companies.

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