NetSuite Fixed Asset Management

A Financial Management Solution by Oracle NetSuite

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Eliminate the need for complicated spreadsheets and manual effort by automating the management of your fixed assets from acquisition to retirement in a single integrated solution.

Want more information on how NetSuite Advanced Financials can help you with budget management and reporting, expense allocations, amortization schedules, or advanced billing management? Continue reading, or download the PDF data sheet on NetSuite Fixed Asset Management to learn more.


Key Benefits

  • Leverage support for all standard & custom depreciation methods
  • Accurately report valuation, depreciation, expense & amortization
  • Automatically post asset transactions to NetSuite accounts
  • Eliminate manual effort and multiple spreadsheets
  • Easily track company-owned and leased assets


Key Features & Capabilities

  • Acquire, depreciate, retire, transfer, and revalue assets
  • Complete integration with NetSuite Accounting
  • Real-time fixed assets and lease reporting
  • Comprehensive Support for depreciation
  • Efficient lease management compliance

About NetSuite Fixed Asset Management

Oracle NetSuite Fixed Assets Management helps your business Integrate asset management with accounting as you work to efficiently manage your asset data and lease agreements. Built in features help you comply with lease accounting standards and regulations while maintaining accurate records for reporting.


The ERP Basics

The NetSuite Fixed Assets Management module helps your company save time and manual effort with easy access support for all standard and custom depreciation methods. Real-time fixed assets and lease reporting tools enable your employees to accurately report valuation, depreciation, expense and amortization of your fixed assets at any time. These features allow you to easily track fixed assets whether they are company-owned or leased. Fixed Assets Management also gives you the tools you need to efficiently comply with lease management guidelines.


Integration with NetSuite Accounting

NetSuite Fixed Assets Management is fully integrated with NetSuite Accounting, allowing you to automatically post asset transactions directly to NetSuite accounts. Integration eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual importing/exporting. Instead, NetSuite Fixed Assets Management allows you to easily track assets that you acquire, depreciate, retire, transfer, and revalue in one unified platform.


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