MailChimp NetSuite Integration

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Try out our NetSuite integration with MailChimp and see how you can boost your sales with marketing automation sourced from your NetSuite ERP data. Get features like cart abandonment emails, newsletter automation, new customers signup, order confirmations and status, request product reviews, and utilize NetSuite SuitePromotions.

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  • Sync Customers

  • Sync Contacts

  • Sync Leads

  • Sync Prospects

  • Sync Ecommerce Store

  • Sync Company

  • Cart Abandonment Email Automation

  • Product Recommendation Automation

  • Product Review and Promotion Incentives


  • Only NetSuite MailChimp integration that allows for ecommerce product feed

  • Cart Abandonment Emails

  • Product Review Collection & Automation 

  • Works with SuitePromotions

  • Works with SuiteCommerce

  • Product Recommendation Emails

  • Build by NetSuite Developers for NetSuite Customers

Additional Product Information:

✅ NetSuite Bundle

✅ Free Trial Available 

✅ Setup Time: 2-3 Hours

✅ Works with SuiteCommerce Standard (SC)

✅ Works with SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)

✅ Self-implementation option

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