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Industry-Specific NetSuite Solutions

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See how NetSuite can help your ad tech company, and learn which modules may be most useful to you.

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Key Benefits

  • Role-based, customizable dashboards
  • Real-time, industry-specific KPIs
  • Customer self-service centers
  • Integrated CRM and ERP

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Employee Management and Productivity
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Order Management & Billing
  • Financials

*Some features sold in add-on modules


About NetSuite for Ad Tech

Oracle NetSuite is a single integrated system with a complete order-to-invoice lifecycle. Automate your business process with this one, industry-specific suite from NetSuite. Through real-time dashboards, this product supplies your team with visibility into revenue streams from customers, partners and platform sales for more accurate predictions and decisions. The simplified management and billing processes can help you more easily manage and integrate complex advertisement orders that span multiple accounting periods.


The ERP Basics

NetSuite for Ad Tech Companies includes features for handling order management, billing, & financials. The NetSuite modules are fully integrated through CRM and ERP and include tools built to help your team with employee management and productivity. Role-based, customizable dashboards provide your team with real-time, industry-specific KPIs necessary for making informed decisions and delivering progress reports.


Relationship Management

Partner management tools and Customer self-service centers help your team keep those important relationships functioning smoothly, providing easily accessible help regarding frequently asked questions, and allowing your customer service team to focus on the difficult cases.


NetSuite Managed Services for Ad Tech

Running an ad tech company requires constant growth and innovation. So much so that it can be challenging to keep up with the demand. A top priority is to deliver engaging media and advertising to consumers in a way that’s measurable and efficient. 

That’s where NetSuite managed services come in. When used correctly, NetSuite can maximize sustainability and growth by:

  • Automating business processes in a single suite
  • Offering a business intelligence dashboard (real-time data)
  • Integrating with necessary software (without costly IT)
  • Simplifying management and billing for complex advertising orders

With proper implementation of NetSuite, advertising technology companies can manage customers and partners in a single, flexible application. Plus, it unifies sales and order management using back-office financial and accounting processes.

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