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Unlocking the Secrets to a WIldly Successful NetSuite Email Marketing Campaign

NetSuite email templates can be a little challenging to make in NetSuite using the native configurator. Nearly every NetSuite client Anchor Group meets has had some expectations corrected fairly quickly because the creation of email templates or advanced pdf templates typically is not included in a NetSuite direct implementation. While on the subject of NetSuite implementations, make sure to get an instant quote from our team for comparison. Anchor Group will be your long-term partner and NetSuite direct sometimes gets a reputation for low-quality implementation. 

The best part about working with email templates is that you will learn the same skills here as you would if you were building advanced pdf templates. Skills you learn from this article will arm you with the same skills required for all NetSuite templates. At the end of the page, there will be a short demo showing you how to make the advanced pdf template.

In this article, you will learn the following...

  • Get a free professional NetSuite email template

  • How to create an email template

  • How to create a stunning email template

  • How to apply NetSuite analytical tools for your email marketing campaigns

  • How to set up your first email marketing campaign in NetSuite

  • Email template samples

  • BONUS: How to create an advanced PDF template

  • BONUS: How to create NetSuite templates for all record types

    • Invoice

    • Pick tickets

    • Sales Orders

    • Purchase Orders

    • Account Statements

    • Credit Memos

    • Deposits

    • Return Authorization

    • Remittance Statements

  • Opportunities for Affordable Custom Email Templates

  • Secret Sauce Recipes for NetSuite email marketing success

Before we begin, download this NetSuite email template to use as the model for the example!

You will learn how to customize it for your business!

Image by Pankaj Patel

Invoice Template Samples. Estimated Level of Effort to Create.

These are some examples of a NetSuite invoice you may ask our team at Anchor Group to create for you. Often times, we find that we need to educate on the level of effort required for each template. Unfortunately, the native NetSuite builder for advanced PDFs and email templates for record types like invoices, sales orders, pick tickets, etc... is not good at getting a good-looking version template. It is hard to use and has many limitations. Our team frequently finds that it is easier to edit the code of the template directly. This is why templates tend to take longer than you may think. You can see the level of effort required for the results you get with these examples below. 

In general, if you want a native template, it will look somewhat ugly and only takes around 1-2 hours per template. If you want a template that represents your company well, it takes about 4-12 hours per template. Check out these NetSuite advanced PDF samples and the level of effort to build them.

If you want to try building them yourself, there is training for an invoice build at the bottom of this page.

invoice-template 1.png

Before we begin this part of the training, download this NetSuite invoice template to use as the model for the example! If you already got the email template from above, it will be on the same email your received.

You will learn how to customize it for your business!

Image by Pankaj Patel

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