NetSuite 2023.1 Release Notes Highlights

by Jacob Terneus in , February 23rd, 2023

If you haven't had the chance to dive into the NetSuite 2023.1 release notes yourself, here is a summary of some of the more interesting and important updates from the perspective of a NetSuite Consultant!

netsuite 2023.1 release notes highlights

Relevant to Everyone

No matter what your role is, if you work with NetSuite, there is one point you should probably be aware of from the 2023.1 NetSuite release:

End of Support for New SMS/Voice Call 2FA Setup - As of March 1, 2023, the Two-factor authentication (2FA) setup using SMS/Voice Call will no longer be available. 

Note: This change will not affect already existing 2FA setups.

If you need to set up 2FA in your account after March 1, 2023, you will only be able to use an authenticator app to do so. The SMS/Voice Call option will no longer be available as a secondary option for 2FA. However, the option to generate backup codes is not affected by this change.

Relevant to NetSuite Developers

When reviewing the NetSuite 2023.1 Release Notes, I found three key points that affect developers specifically:

Scheduled Scripts No Longer Run Automatically in Sandbox After a Refresh - Scheduled scripts are account-specific. Scheduled scripts configured in production will no longer run automatically in a sandbox account after a refresh. Instead, scheduled scripts can be set up separately in a sandbox account.

2023.1 SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code Not Yet Available - The 2023.1 SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code is targeted for release in March 2023. SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code provides a UI for NetSuite platform development using SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF). You can install the SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code, develop SuiteCloud projects, and deploy them to your account.

Improvements to the SuiteScript Code Samples Catalog - The SuiteScript Code Samples Catalog now has additional samples, enhanced organization using multiple categories, and a complete table listing all available samples. This update should be a big help when learning SuiteScript.

Relevant to NetSuite ERP Users

The points summarized in this section could apply to a variety of NetSuite users. Regardless of your role, I recommend skimming this section just to make sure you are aware of any changes that may affect your own work, the work of your teammates, or the work of your direct reports. Some of these points may even spark new ideas for improving your company's processes in NetSuite!

Bin Handling During Order Picking - When you activate the new enable bin reporting and blocking rule, you can block bins that you cannot pick from. For each item that you pick, you can report bins with the reason for blocking, like "empty bin" or "bin used for damaged items". Then, the mobile app removes them from the list of bins that you can pick from for a particular item.

Bill of Materials Support Ending - With the NetSuite 2023.1 release, Bills of Materials where components are embedded to an Assembly Item will no longer be supported. Only business-critical issues will be fixed. To continue working with this functionality you should transition to the Advanced Bill of Materials feature, which is free of charge. After you enable this feature, NetSuite will automatically migrate all of your Bill of Materials to the new structure.

Payment Automation for HSBC Now Generally Available - The Payment Automation SuiteApp version 1.2.0 is now generally available for installation from the SuiteApp Marketplace. Payment Automation lets you automate all your vendor payments from within NetSuite and pay your suppliers by checks, virtual cards, and ACH.

Support Two-Factor Authentication for Bank Statement Import - With Auto Bank Statement Import SuiteApp version 23.1.0, you can now automatically import bank statements from financial institutions that require two-factor authentication

Item 360 Dashboard Now Available - The Item 360 Dashboard SuiteApp provides a real-time and concise overview of an item's current status. The SuiteApp lets you view all current transactional data that is impacting the item, along with related alerts that help you make informed decisions.

NetSuite Ship Central is now available - NetSuite Ship Central is now available in accounts that use Warehouse Management or Advanced Inventory Management.

Transaction Email Capture Now Available - Transaction Email Capture SuiteApp version 1.0.1 is now available for installation from the Search & Install Bundles page as a paid and managed SuiteApp. The SuiteApp enables employees and vendors to send vendor bills in PNG, PDF, or JPG file format through email. The SuiteApp works with the Bill Capture feature, which lets you review the details of file attachments before creating a vendor bill record in NetSuite.

Nexus-Level Tax Exemption - In NetSuite 2023.1, you can disable tax calculations for nexuses, where you are not required to calculate or record taxes in SuiteTax. NetSuite administrators, implementation consultants, and partners can assign a nexus to a subsidiary and classify it as being tax-exempt.

Relevant to SuiteCommerce Folks

Finally, there was one point in the NetSuite 2023.1 Release Notes that I'd like to highlight for SuiteCommerce users to be aware of:

NetSuite CPQ SuiteCommerce Integration - The NetSuite CPQ SuiteCommerce Integration (version 1.0.0) lets you launch the Configurator from a SuiteCommerce product page and add items to the shopping cart when submitting the configuration.

Well, that's it for highlights from the NetSuite 2023.1 Release Notes! Hopefully, this post gives you something to work with while trying to understand NetSuite and what it can do for your business. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team at Anchor Group.

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