Activating the Extension Manager for SuiteCommerce

in , , May 7th, 2024

SuiteCommerce bundles (or SuiteCommerce Extensions) can create a theme or functionality within your SuiteCommerce site. To utilize them, you need to activate the extension manager. This functionality allows the NetSuite user to toggle which bundles will surface to the SuiteCommerce store.

Here is a step-by-step overview of how to activate the Extension Manager!

How to Activate the Extension Manager

To navigate to the Extension Manager, follow this click path (Commerce > Extensions > Extension Manager) and select the “New Activation” button.

Select your desired site, domain and hit Next.

Once in the New Activation, you will see three tabs: Active Themes and Extensions, Themes and Extensions.

  • Active Tab: Shows all extensions that are currently functioning on your site
  • Theme Tab: Lists SuiteCommerce Theme bundles that are installed in this environment
  • Extensions: Lists all extensions (not related to theme) that are installed in the environment

To activate a theme, check the “Active” checkbox in the Themes or Extensions tab, select 'Activate', and follow the 8-step process to activate the desired bundles.

Need a refresher on using the Extension Manager? Check out our tutorial article on How to Search and Install Bundles in NetSuite.

Author: KC Daniels

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