WORKAROUND to Access Activation Records in NetSuite

in , January 5th, 2024

Cannot open the extension manager? Is the extension manager not working in any NetSuite account you have access to? NetSuite has had this issue before. Try this workaround!

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Accessing the Activation Record via URL



  • <ACCOUNT_ID>: Customer Account ID
  • <SCRIPT_ID>: Script ID of "NS SC ExtMechanism Services" SuiteLet
  • <CUSTOMER_DOMAIN>: This is the customer domain associated to a website record. (e.g.
  • <WEBSITE_ID>: Website Record ID (Make sure to replace this with the exact website ID of the customer domain)

Create a New Activation Record

If new activation is needed, then you can access a new Activation page through this link:



  • <ACCOUNT_ID>: Customer Account ID
  • <SCRIPT_ID>: Script ID of "NS SC ExtMechanism Services" SuiteLet

Author: Sam Gagliardi

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