Using SuiteCommerce MyAccount for Better CRM

by Jacob Terneus in , October 13th, 2022

Note: This article is a brief overview of how SuiteCommerce MyAccount can benefit businesses. For more detailed information on SuiteCommerce MyAccount, check out our in-depth article: All you need to know about SuiteCommerce MyAccount

SuiteCommerce is a great tool for nurturing the customer along their purchase journey, but your relationship with a customer has more elements than just the customer's purchasing process. The good news is, NetSuite and SuiteCommerce can help manage many of those other relationship elements as well! One location where much of the post-purchasing customer relationship is handled is the MyAccount section of your SuiteCommerce site. 

SuiteCommerce My Account

MyAccount is one of the most robust sections of the SuiteCommerce platform, and something that can set it apart from other ecommerce software. Here you find profile information, payment and shipping information, purchase history, and support cases. The last two are of particular interest to us.

Purchase History

The default purchase history is a list of all past purchases made by this customer. It can be restricted by and sorted by date. This kind of transparency and record keeping is a great way to foster customer trust.

SuiteCommerce MyAccount Purchase History

Order Edit Extension

At the risk of self-promotion, there is an order-edit extension we developed at Anchor Group that you should really be aware of as you work to get the most out of your SuiteCommerce site. What follows is not only an overview of an extension that could offer you huge efficiency gains, but also a great test case of the kinds of customizations that SuiteCommerce can support.

This extension comes into play in the Purchase History section of the My Account page. Essentially, it allows customers to edit orders after they have already been submitted. This functionality only has application for orders that are not shipped immediately upon submission, which means that it is primarily intended for B2B vendors. However, even if there is only an hour or two delay between when the sales order is created and the order fulfillment process begins, you could still offer this ability to edit the order for those few hours. Think of all the time saved by not having to handle these edit requests via your call center!

The extension adds two buttons to the page: an Edit Order button and a Cancel Order button. These work independently, so you can choose only to display one or the other if you want. You can also set up different validation for each button; for instance, the Cancel Order could be greyed out after a certain time delay.

SuiteCommerce MyAccount Edit Order Extention

Once the customer presses the 'Edit Order' button, the customer can add items, change the quantities of items, and/or delete items.

This editing extension can be set up to always allow edits, just to allow certain edits, or even to submit edit requests to be approved by your team.  If you require approval before edits are reconciled with the sales order, the customer will see all edits as “pending” until they are approved. You can allow unlimited edits or restrict the number of times an order can be edited.

We’ve also set this up with the ability to charge an additional change-order fee for some or all order edits.

SuiteCommerce MyAccount Order Edit Extension Editing Mode

Support Cases

The MyAccount section of SuiteCommerce conveniently allows customers to submit support cases; there is no need for the customer to log in to the Customer Center directly in NetSuite. The basic form contains all the fields that most B2C companies will need.

SuiteCommerce MyAccount Support cases

The customer (and contact, if relevant) fields will be auto-filled in the NetSuite backend, as will the timestamp.

For some B2B vendors, however, you may need more information for each support case. It is possible for a good developer to integrate one of NetSuite’s external online support forms right into this page, allowing you to include more fields, including custom fields. Here’s an example of a more complex, customized case form:

MyAccount Support Cases

Allowing customers to create their own support tickets is, of course, a huge time savings both for customers and your employees. NetSuite’s support settings allow for you to auto-assign cases based on criteria like the topic, region, or sales rep, which can greatly speed up the support timeline, which translates into more satisfied customers, repeat business, and better reviews.

NetSuite Commerce Partner

That's all for now, but we hope that this article was helpful and informative! To learn more about SuiteCommerce MyAccount, check out our in-depth article All you need to know about SuiteCommerce MyAccount.

If you have general questions about SuiteCommerce MyAccount, or specific questions about how your business can improve your current use of MyAccount, feel free to contact our team at any time. Anchor Group is a certified Oracle NetSuite Commerce Partner, and is equipped to handle all kinds of SuiteCommerce projects, large or small!

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