Tax Code Error Preventing Checkout: -Not Taxable-  

in , May 29th, 2024

Error Code found in Checkout of a SuiteCommerce webstore

Tax Error in SuiteCommerce

The error we will be looking at in this article is where your customers are receiving a message block indicating a tax error that is preventing them from checking out on your web store. The error message they received is pictured above and in the code snippet below.

Invalid taxcode reference key -7 for subsidiary 2.

The context of the problem is that a customer is trying to purchase from your SuiteCommerce store and cannot successfully process the transaction on MyAccount. For the end user, there is no difference in the process that triggers the problem. The solution was discovered in NetSuite Customer Record and Tax Settings. There are two "-Not Taxable—" options, and this article walks through the differences between the options.

Helpful Terms to Understand

  • Subsidiary: In this case, the wrong -Not Taxable- item was chosen. Additionally, in the error message was the Subsidiary listed as "2" found on the Customer Record.
  • Tax Codes: Tax codes help determine how much tax is applied to each transaction and are generally provisioned by NetSuite.
  • Tax Groups: Tax Groups are the sum of several tax codes that are applied to a transaction.

Incorrect Tax Code Chosen, Resolving the Tax Error

In this case, the Internal ID of the "-Not Taxable-" Item was -7 and was chosen incorrectly based on the configured tax settings. To solve this error, use the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the troublesome Customer Record.

Step 2: Click on the Financial Subtab

Step 3: On the Tax Item drop-down, you will notice that it says "-Not Taxable-"

Step 4: Select List

Step 5: Choose the "-Not Taxable-" option with an internal ID of = "-8".

Clarification around Choosing Non-Taxable Options

Internal ID = "-8" refers to the Tax Group named "-Not Taxable-" rather than the Tax Code.

Note: Since there are two options, using our NetSuite Record Data Extension is very helpful for deciphering which option to select. If you have questions about this extension, please contact our team.

In some instances, a company might want the Tax CODE "-Not Taxable-" rather than the Tax GROUP. When the customer wants the Tax CODE, the "-Not Taxable-" with the Internal ID of -7 should be selected.

You can check this by going to Setup > Accounting > Set Up Taxes > United States and seeing what the Tax Code Lists Include preference is.

  • If it is Tax Codes Only, use Internal ID = -7
  • If it is Tax Groups Only, use Internal ID = -8

Save the Customer Record and Refresh the Webstore

  1. After selecting the correct "-Not Taxable-" option, save the Customer Record.
  2. Perform a Cache Invalidation Request and Hard Refresh (Ctrl+Shift+R) the webstore and try the checkout process again. If the Tax Code settings are set up properly, you should be able to submit a purchase from the store.

Author: KC Daniels

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