SuiteCommerce My Account Page QA Checklist

Are you wondering if your SuiteCommerce My Account page is up to snuff? Whether you're just about to implement SuiteCommerce or have been using SuiteCommerce for years, this quality assurance checklist can help you make sure that the My Account page on your website is working properly!

QA and My Account Page Customization

As you work through this My Account QA checklist, keep in mind that individual SuiteCommerce websites sometimes have customizations or SuiteCommerce Apps in place that can add, change, or remove functionality on your My Account page.

For that reason, this checklist might not cover every aspect of your My Account page, but it's a great starting point! This checklist covers all the core functionality of a good SuiteCommerce My Account page.

SCA My Account Page QA Checklist

While this is not an exhaustive list of the features and functionality that may be available on your SuiteCommerce or SCA website, this checklist can help you ensure that the core functionality of your SuiteCommerce My Account page is working properly. If you need help troubleshooting or resolving any issues you identify, contact our team!


  • Does the preview show the 'Profile', 'Shipping', and 'Payment' boxes?
  • Does relevant info display in the boxes?
  • Are the 'Edit' or 'Add' buttons visible on the boxes?
  • Do these buttons take the user to the appropriate section in 'Profile Information' to edit or add?
  • Does the 'View Purchase History' button take the user to the purchase history page?
  • Does the 'Recent Purchases' section display purchases?


  • Do all the sort-by criteria work in each tab of 'Purchases'?


  • Can the user select 'Email'/'Download as PDF'?

Invoices/Transaction History

  • Do all filter options work in these lists?

Print a Statement

  • Can the user enter required and optional information?
  • Can the User filter using the checkboxes?

Profile Information

  • Can the user change their name and phone number?


Profile Information

  • Is the user unable to change email with an incorrect password?
  • Does the 'Send Email Verification' button send a message to the new email entered by the user with the correct password?

Email Preferences

  • Do the Newsletter and Subscriptions checkboxes work?
  • Do the 'Update' and 'Cancel' buttons work correctly?

Address Book

  • Are all addresses displayed?
  • Can the user add an address using the 'Add Address' button?
  • Can the user Edit/Remove addresses?
  • Can the user initiate a call by clicking the phone number listed?

Credit Cards

  • Are all credit cards displayed?
  • Can the user add a credit card and make it the default?

Update Password

  • Is the user unable to update the password with an incorrect password?
  • Can a user update their password with the correct password?

My Account Page Troubleshooting

We recommend using this SuiteCommerce My Account Page QA checklist as a guide to help your team identify potential issues on your website. However, we realize it can't consider the nuances of your particular website the way our team of SuiteCommerce developers can.

If you need help troubleshooting issues you found on your SuiteCommerce My Account Page, or if you have any questions about features or functionality not included on this checklist, feel free to contact our team!

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