SuiteCommerce Featured Category Not Showing Products 

in , April 11th, 2024

Featured Category is a native bundle from NetSuite that allows you to display featured items from certain commerce categories on different parts of your site using SMT.

Why Items Aren't Showing Up In SuiteCommerce Categories

This bundle can sometimes be confusing to use as it requires certain criteria to be met. Below are some common issues that cause items not to show when using the Featured Categories SMT block.

Note: These solutions assume that the bundle is downloaded and is showing as an SMT core content type. You should be able to drag the block into a page in SMT. Need a refresher on how to search and install bundles? Check out this tutorial article on working with SuiteBundler.

How to Make Items Display in SuiteCommerce Categories

Ensure that the category you are selecting has items in it. While this may seem obvious, it can also be a stumbling block. The bundle will only show items that are in the category. Even if the category has subcategories with items, it will still not show items unless they are directly in that category.

Example: If you select the Parent Shop category, no products will appear on the page since this category has no items.

Ensure the Commerce Category is marked to Display in Webstore. If this box is not shown, then the feature categories extension will not show the products

This may cause issues, as certain companies may want to create a category specifically for this extension (as shown in the screenshot above) but not have that category in the navigation. If this is the case, then you can achieve this by manually building out the navigation in the configuration record.

Author: Sam Galvin

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