New Partnership! ShipperHQ and Anchor Group 

in , , May 22nd, 2024

Over the years, our team here at Anchor Group has experience collaborating with clients in various sectors of ecommerce, including automotive, food, construction, manufacturing, and sporting goods retail. These experiences have provided valuable insights into different markets and consumer behaviors, allowing our crew here at Anchor Group to develop and implement plans tailored to each industry’s unique needs.

Our clients look for three things in a shipping management tool:

  1. An easy-to-use tool
  2. A smooth integration into their website or ERP
  3. A tool that fits consumer needs

We partner with ShipperHQ because they consistently check the boxes.

1. Easy-to-Use Shipping App

ShipperHQ is compatible with various ecommerce platforms, giving merchants the flexibility to set up their shipping process to be easy or complex as needed. ShipperHQ is accessible through the BigCommerce apps store, which makes shipping easier than ever before. As the preferred BigCommerce shipping app, it offers seamless integration within the platform, especially within the BigCommerce B2B Edition. Merchants can incorporate ShipperHQ into their storefront with just a few clicks, and once set up, they gain access to an extensive Partner Marketplace and over 50 carriers, expanding shipping options and logistics capabilities. No BigCommerce app development is necessary for most use cases, but Shipper HQ can be customized beyond standard functionality to meet unique business needs.  

2. NetSuite Integrations

With the help of an agency partner like Anchor Group, ShipperHQ can seamlessly integrate into an ERP system through an ecommerce storefront. Anchor Group is a BigCommerce Partner that specializes in the NetSuite ecosystem, ensuring that data migration between platforms is smooth and effective. This means Anchor Group can seamlessly complete a BigCommerce NetSuite Integration while ensuring the shipping prices displayed to customers at checkout are accurately reflected in the merchant’s NetSuite account. An added benefit is that merchants do not need to calculate LTL or freight within NetSuite shipping since that calculation is completed within ShipperHQ.  

3. Ecommerce Shipping Solution

Shipping solutions are always a point of focus during ecommerce web development or ERP implementations. That’s because studies have shown that shipping transparency affects a consumer’s path to purchase. For example, a Digital Commerce 360 study shows that 22% of consumers feel frustrated by unclear shipping costs before checking out. Merchants must use a best-in-class shipping solution to help their customers avoid this common frustration. Fortunately, ShipperHQ was built to empower merchants with transparent shipping information. After setting up an account with ShipperHQ, merchants can then establish rules for products and geographical zones, ensuring shipping rates are accurate during the checkout process.

BigCommerce Certified Partner, Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner

As both a BigCommerce Certified Partner and an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner, Anchor Group is ready to handle BigCommerce and NetSuite projects alike! Whether you already have one platform and are looking to integrate the other, are considering a full-scale implementation of both platforms, or simply need support with ongoing customizations, our team is ready to help answer any questions you might have! Contact Our Team!


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