SensePass Self-Service Installation Guide

in , , May 30th, 2024

Welcome to the SensePass SuiteCommerce payments bundle! This guide will show you how to install and configure the bundle.


Before beginning this self-install process, please check that the following have been completed:

  1. Company has purchased the ‘SensePass SuiteCommerce Payments Bundle’
  2. Company has a merchant account with SensePass that can be linked to NetSuite configuration.

If you have any questions about the above steps, please use our website contact page to get in touch with our support team.

Install Bundle

Once you receive your PayTrace API information from SensePass, the bundle will be ready to install.

In your NetSuite account, navigate to Customization > SuiteBuilder > Search & Install Bundles.

On the following page, search for the following bundle: SensePass Payments

Select the hyperlink for the SensePass Payments which will bring you to the bundle overview page to prepare for an installation.

Click the Install Button.

This will bring you to the Bundle Preview where you can click on the Install Bundle button.

Click Okay on the confirmation popup to install the bundle into your account. At this point, the SensePass Payments bundle will begin installing into your NetSuite environment. You will be brought to a list of your installed bundles that will show the status of the bundle installation. This may take up to 15 minutes to complete. Click refresh at the top of the page to see the updated status.

You have now successfully installed the bundle!

Connect API

Before you can start to capture payments, there is some configuration that needs to be done to connect SensePass to NetSuite.

In your NetSuite account, in the Global Search type ‘SensePass Credentials’ into the search bar and click ‘New SensePass Credentials’.

On the following record, enter the values into the following fields:

  • API URL:
  • API KEY: Found in SensePass Merchant Account

Go ahead and save the record.

Payments Logo URL

The SensePass Payments Bundle uploads some images into your NetSuite File Cabinet. You will need to download an image from the bundle and upload it into the Live Hosting Files of your File Cabinet. Navigate to Documents > Files > Live Hosting Files. In the search bar type ‘SensePass’ and click Search.


Once you have downloaded the image onto your computer, you will need to upload it into a different place in the file cabinet. Click Website Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > Site, and click Add File. Now locate the image that you just downloaded, and select it for upload. (Note: If the ‘site’ folder does not exist, go ahead and create one).

Once the image has been uploaded, copy and paste the link into the SensePass LOGO URL field on the SensePass Credentials record.

Activating the SensePass Extension

You'll now need to activate the SensePass Payments extension. Go to Commerce > Extensions > Extension Manager, and click New Activation. Select the website and domain in which you want to use SensePass for and click Next.

Under the Extensions tab, click the checkbox next to SensePass Payments Integration, then click Activate.

Refresh the page until you see the status of the activation show Complete, you should also see the SensePass extension under Active Extensions.

Modify Website Configuration Records

Next, we will go through the webstore configuration record and enter a couple of pieces of information.

In your NetSuite account go to Commerce > Websites > Configuration. Select the website and the domain in which you will be using SensePass and click Configure.

Here you will see two fields:

SENSEPASS CAPTURE TYPE: Authorize or Manual Capture

  • ‘Authorize’ delays capture until the creation of a Cash Sale
  • ‘Manual Capture’ captures payment immediately upon checkout

SENSEPASS CLIENT ID: Found in SensePass Merchant Account

After you have saved the configuration record, go to Commerce > Websites > Website List, click Edit next to the correct website. Under the Shopping tab, check the following boxes:

  • Display Purchase Order Field on Payment Info Page
  • Allow Non-Credit Card Payment Methods during Checkout

Save the website setup record.

Creating SensePass Payment Method

The next step is to create a Sensepass payment method to be used in transactions/sales order creation from the web store. Go to Set Up > Accounting > Accounting Lists > New > Payment Method.

Enter 'SensePass' in the NAME field, select 'Offline' for the TYPE, and make sure the DISPLAY IN WEB SITE box is checked.

Under the Payment Visuals tab enter 'Web/Standard' in the FLAGS field and copy the following url into the URL field:


Then click Add.

Go ahead and click Save on the Payment Method.

Congratulations! You have finished the configuration for the SensePass-NetSuite integration.

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