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NetSuite for Software & IT Companies

The key to unlocking and managing growth is a back-office system that can meet today's challenges, and this is why high-tech companies choose NetSuite.

Software companies in general, and IT services companies in particular, benefit from collaboration and the ability to manage clients in all departments and functions, making a big difference in the quality of service they can provide.

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Key Benefits

  • Real-time visibility into performance
  • Balance growth, efficiency, and profitability
  • Happier employees and more engaged customers
  • Enable early identification of opportunities and risks

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Customizable role-based dashboards
  • Project management tools to delegate resources
  • Salesforce management tools
  • Opportunity to integrate your own software with NetSuite ERP

About NetSuite for Software and IT

NetSuite ERP gives you real-time insight into opportunities, resources, and finances, reducing administrative time so you and your staff can focus on your customers, rather than your own IT infrastructure. Scale with a comprehensive global accounting and financial core, improve visibility as your business grows and evolves, and eliminate costly and ineffective manual processes and disparate systems.


Improved Daily Operations

NetSuite streamlines everything from support inquiries and training seminars to project profitability, complex billing, revenue recognition, subscription billing, resource management, contract management, and much more.

For companies operating in the software, Software-as-a-Service, and Web 2.0 industries, NetSuite is ideal for managing all front-end and back-office procedures. Businesses can take advantage of the platform's powerful solutions for areas such as accounting, employee management, customer relationship management, and e-commerce.

Whether you focus on improving revenue recognition, streamlining billing processes, or improving the online and offline customer experience, NetSuite is a highly customizable solution that can help you bring the greatest benefits to your particular areas of focus.


Sales & Marketing Tools

Improve sales and marketing through accurate tracking and billing of your consultants. With NetSuite, powerful sales force automation helps you manage the entire sales process from opportunity, to quote management & sales forecasting, order management, compliance, and sales commission.

Marketing automation provides you with a framework for zeroing in on your target audience, as well as the development, execution, and measurement of successful marketing campaigns.


Speaking From Experience

As an IT and service company ourselves, we have a clear vision of the unique demands of this industry and the challenges we face. As organizations often struggle with complex and ever-evolving revenue recognition rules, real-time visibility, and more, having systems specifically tailored to this market is necessary.

Need more assurance that NetSuite is the best choice for software companies? We put our money where our mouth is, and have invested in NetSuite to manage our own daily business operations.


NetSuite Managed Services for Software and IT

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SuiteCommerce for Software & High Tech

So you understand how NetSuite ERP can help software companies, but what about SuiteCommerce?

Check out this blog post to learn how can NetSuite's ecommerce solutions can benefit your software, service, or technology company!


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