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NetSuite for Construction & Contracting

More than 300 construction companies are already using ERP software to help them build more innovative businesses.

NetSuite ERP puts an end to outdated spreadsheets! Instead, it enables quick configuration of applications to improve project management and more effectively control work orders.

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Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive solution meeting industry needs
  • Easy collaboration between supply chain partners
  • Obtain expected profits in each operation
  • Real-time global monitoring of inventory status

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Multi-location planning tools
  • 360 view of projects and customers
  • Intelligent management for the location of suppliers
  • Complete distribution requirements planning

About NetSuite for Construction

Resource planning software must combine several vital functions that help construction & contracting companies manage their projects efficiently. Oracle NetSuite ERP supports each management process related to supply chain and distribution in a single collaborative platform. Improve operations and increase efficiency by making the necessary information available to everyone who needs it in one unified system. Thanks to NetSuite, you will be able to control and supervise each of the manufacturing processes, with insight into the entire inventory, no matter where you are or who is using it.


Budget Control

Construction companies often make their decisions based on hundreds of Excel spreadsheets that are not always correctly reconciled and up-to-date. This can lead to higher expenses than budgeted since they do not have a reliable system to warn them when this is going to happen. ERP software gives your team access to all the information they need to make informed business decisions, prevent budget issues before they happen, and take corrective actions if necessary.

When a project requires additional supplies, it can take a long time to submit each request and receive approval. That's why NetSuite connects all aspects of the project, including accounts payable, work orders, documents, labor, time, and materials, to speed up and give greater security to complete these tasks efficiently without incurring out-of-budget expenses.


Document Management

If you are looking for construction management software, don't forget about this feature. Management software must be able to access, upload and manage documents from anywhere. NetSuite ERP connects the documents or images associated with particular aspects of a project and makes them accessible where and when they are needed by the people involved.

Projects that require you to make real-time decisions make an intelligent management system necessary.


Monitoring and Allocation of Resources

Information management is vital for any business. Management software must have the tools that project managers need for intelligent and efficient decision-making.

NetSuite allows your team to monitor each project through accurate, real-time data. This kind of insight allows managers to adjust and allocate the resources for each project in order to meet or exceed the timeline.


Workflow Management

In construction projects, there is always a risk of unexpected cost increases. So it is necessary that your business management software can also manage aspects of your project workflow, including work costs, progress, time to complete, etc. A workflow management platform is perhaps the most critical aspect of keeping your project on time and within budget.

Every day, more construction managers are switching to intelligent management software, and are choosing platforms like NetSuite, which leverage cloud technology to effectively manage information from anywhere and at any time. Implementing a system like NetSuite will allow you to grow and scale your business to effectively compete in the Construction industry long-term.


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