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Key Benefits

  • Gain full visibility into the estimating process for new business, including resource availability and time and cost of similar past projects
  • Generate customized quotes that meet client needs while preserving your margins
  • Turn prospects into clients and win repeat business through integrated marketing campaigns and sales force management
  • Simplifies administration and improves productivity
  • Facilitates online advertising cost management
  • Ensure service delivery that’s on time and on budget
  • Work globally


Key Features & Capabilities

  • Enables time and expense reporting over the web, Mobile devices and offline channels
  • Facilitates early identification of potential project bottlenecks
  • Built-in features for local country tax compliance
  • Support for multiple currencies and languages
  • Google and Freewheel/Strata integration
  • Delivers real-time visibility into status
  • Automated approval routing
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Automate workflow

NetSuite for Advertising & Digital Marketing Agencies

Is your marketing company ready for the shift to the digital economy? Advertising, digital marketing, or market research agencies face unique challenges, such as:

  • Difficulties in optimizing the allocation of resources and times to attend more and new accounts
  • Lack of synchronization between delivery of projects/milestones/milestones and billing
  • Complexity to know what is missing to invoice and when to invoice each client and their projects

Using NetSuite ERP to manage your advertising or digital marketing agency can help you simplify your administration processes and improve productivity while ensuring service delivery that is on budget and on time. Leading local and regional advertising agencies have already chosen Oracle NetSuite to manage sales, billing, accounting, finance, and more to overcome the challenges mentioned above. Will Your Company Be the Next Marketing Agency Powered by Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP?


Improve Resource Utilization

Oracle NetSuite's built-in project management and account management software enables seamless management of all resources, including your most valuable resource - your creative workers. With NetSuite, you can better anticipate resource needs as jobs progress through the process. You can also assign the best available talent to a project based on skill sets, brand experience, and other factors. These features also facilitate early identification of potential project bottlenecks, enabling your business to better plan for and carry out projects.

NetSuite enables time and expense reporting over the web, mobile devices, and offline channels and allows for online cost management. Built-in features for local country tax compliance and support for multiple currencies and languages for easier global business management help you to increase and accelerate your organization's cash flow.


Gain and Retain Customers

Getting new projects is always a challenge, but Oracle NetSuite ERP is your ally to win new customers. With sales and quotes capabilities within Oracle NetSuite, you can streamline the process from project quotes and estimations to billing for the completed work. Specifically, Oracle NetSuite allows you to:

  • Predict successes more accurately using the activities and forecasts captured in Oracle NetSuite.
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.
  • Link profits to marketing campaigns to understand where to invest for the best ROI.
  • With better information, account managers can communicate more precisely with customers.

You can also quickly generate personalized quotes that meet customer needs while preserving your profit margins. With easy access to previous jobs, time, and prices for similar jobs, you can be confident that new projects can be delivered on time and within budget. Additionally, Oracle NetSuite helps you win repeat business after converting prospects into customers through integrated sales force management and marketing campaigns.


Data-Driven Decision-Making

Easy access to real-time data within Oracle NetSuite makes it easy to track and optimize the performance of each brand/project. All data is stored in the cloud, which means team members can access it anywhere they have internet access.

Profitability can be forecast from the moment a lead arrives until the day the invoice is collected. Full integration of CRM, project management, and finance/accounting allows you to:

  • Automate the workflow (projects/tasks)
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Ensuring service delivery on time and budget
  • Work globally, with support for more than 190 currencies and 27 languages

Plus, Oracle NetSuite can grow with your business. So even as your business expands to offer services in new countries, all new data reporting remains centralized on a single online platform.


Some modules that may be useful to advertising and digital marketing agencies are:


NetSuite Managed Services for Advertising & Marketing Agencies

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