Enabling the Customer Access Feature in NetSuite   

in , , April 23rd, 2024

The customer portal is an Enabled Feature that allows your customers access to your NetSuite environment. This allows your customers the ability to create sales orders, make payments, contact support (create cases), and view their transaction history.

NetSuite Customer Portal Benefits

The key benefits of the customer portal are that it:

  1. Allows customers to create cases
  2. They can view their order history, check order status, and place new orders around the clock
  3. Provides real-time updates on their orders.

Now, let's look at how to set up the feature, give your customers access, and view your customers' roles.

Enabling the Customer Access Feature

Go to: Setup > Company > Enabled Features. Under the Web Presence Subtab, select the Customer Access feature.

NOTE: If you would like your customer to be able to create Sales Orders then you will also want to enable the Online Ordering feature.

Click Save.

Giving a Customer Access to NetSuite

Start by opening a Customer record. Initially, after enabling the Customer Access feature, you will need to customize the form to show the Access fields.

To do this, on the Custom Entry Form page, go to the Sublist subtab. Under the System Information, you will see Access. You need this to be showing.

Once the form has been updated go back to the Customer Record. Then navigate to System Information > Access, and from here you will need to Check the Give Access box.

They will only have access to the Customer Center Role.

You can also manually assign their password as well.

NetSuite Customer Portal View

Now, your customer has access to their portal. See the screenshot below as to what it looks like.

NOTE: that you can customize this dashboard for your customers and you have the ability to edit their permissions to see what they can and cannot see.

Author: Jack Mannebach

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