Customer Unable to Log In to SuiteCommerce (Access Given), Subsidiary Warning on Record   

in , April 22nd, 2024
Note: This article is meant to help resolve when a customer has already been given access to SuiteCommerce but is unable to login, and a subsidiary warning is displaying on the record. For a refresher on how to initially provide customers with access to SuiteCommerce, check out our artices How to Give a Customer Access to to SuiteCommerce, or Provide Customers Access to SuiteCommerce in Bulk.

Troubleshooting Customer Access Issue

You have given a contact or customer record access to the SuiteCommerce site via the “give access” check box:

However, the customer/contact is unable to log in.

Subsidiary Warning on Customer Record

Upon viewing the applicable record, you notice this warning:

WARNING: This customer does not have access to a website. The subsidiary associated with the customer’s assigned web site is not online.


Thankfully, this has a quick and easy solution:

Navigate to the website setup record (Commerce > Websites > Website List), and click “Edit” next to the website the customer or contact record is trying to access.

Under the “Setup” tab, scroll to the bottom where this chart is shown:

Make sure the checkbox is selected next to the subsidiary related to that customer or contact.

Still in the website setup record, go to the “Shopping” tab and repeat step 3.

The customer or contact should now be able to log in. If possible, it is a good idea to test this.

Author: Daniel Dobson

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