5 Best Alternetives of Bronto

by Zees Zeeshan in , November 29th, 2022

What is Bronto?

Note: NetSuite recently discontinued its Bronto Marketing platform. But there are many other marketing platforms available that you can connect to NetSuite!

Bronto was an advanced marketing automation solution that enables companies to launch meaningful and timely digital marketing for their customer and prospect lifecycles and increase engagement or revenue. It was an all-in-one solution that helped businesses accurately target and deliver targeted email, social media, and mobile campaigns to the right audience.

bronto alternatives

The solution was also packed to the brim with solutions that help address shopping cart abandonment and manage transactional emails and powerful integrations with leading business applications and tools. The Bronto app also contained multiple systems on one powerful platform.

Like Showpad and other marketing platforms, it also offered customization with some new features and functionality. Bronto included some main features such as an intuitive interface, cart and abandonment reminders, tracking, reporting, and drag-and-drop automation, etc.

NetSuite recently discontinued its Bronto Marketing platform. But don't worry! There are many other marketing platforms available that you can connect to NetSuite. So... here are 5 best alternatives of Bronto:

5 best bronto alternatives

#1 MailChimp: All in one marketing solution

MailChimp is designed for those website owners who have to send a large number of emails to their subscribers and members. MailChimp can help you keep all your contacts in one place with its subscriber profiles feature.

Mailchimp Bronto Alternative

Additionally, you can monitor your individual reader's activities regarding page view, dwell time, location, download, and much more with subscriber profiles. Most RSS feed tools allow you to send emails without filtering them, but through a NetSuite-MailChimp Integration you can automatically send emails based on customer behavior and preferences.

MailChimp is one of the best answers for small entrepreneurs and bloggers who are just starting the email advertising effort in light of its free administration; however, their paid arrangements offer a large number of accommodation components.

Like the other best email display managements we tested, MailChimp makes it easy for you to import contact records into your record. You can include contacts individually or in bulk. You can even incorporate contact management frameworks into MailChimp, so you have access to customer action alongside your customers' contact details.

Whether you're new to the email display endeavor or are now a master, MailChimp is one of the best options. It offers fundamental and propelled highlights that can help you create the best messages for your followers. The only best arrangement staple it doesn't offer is competent schematic administrations, however their formats are anything but difficult to modify for your enjoyment.

#2 GetResponse: A great Bronto Alternative

Even though GetResponse has restrictions on customizing and altering its designs, it is a decent decision for startup owners as a result of its display help for their email crusades. The biggest advantage of using GetResponse as your email advertising organization is its remarkable selection of promotional options and proposals.

get response bronto alternative

These components establish a good decision for new clients of email promotion administrations. GetResponse gives you the opportunity to create an email or newsletter using HTML only, or you can use one of the many layouts that email promotion management offers. Plus, access over 1,000 stock images to add excitement to your messages or brochures. Get started without any preparation in the HTML code editor manager or with our base formats.

For quick impact, use precomposed designs. Import the format from ZIP and URL or paste the code. Plan your newsletter broadcast for flawless planning. Select the Time Travel option and your messages will reach recipients at the same time in all parts of the world.

#3 ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing software that combines various aspects of small business marketing into one easy-to-use, integrated platform. It is an alternative solution to Emma and offers all the main services with some additional features that make it better than others.

ActiveCampaign bronto alternative

 With this powerful solution, you can easily create amazing and engaging emails, social marketing, learn more about your contacts, and apply all the marketing automation technology previously unattainable for small businesses. It has more than a million users around the world who can trust it to help grow their business.

This solution offers a comprehensive set of tools that were created especially to help small and medium-sized businesses attract and ultimately aquire loyal customers. From getting new contacts via email to controlling your company's after-sales process, the solution offers immense value to your users at any stage of your company's business lifecycle.

ActiveCampaign features an advanced site tracking system that connects your marketing with contact behavior and enables you to respond to what they are doing on your site and tailor your marketing to their interests. This feature also allows you to see what the contact is doing on your website.

#4 Campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor is a simple yet powerful email marketing application that businesses can use to quickly design their own custom messages for clients. The solution also allows you to optimize your campaigns with the help of the latest detailed analysis and reports that save a lot of time and effort. It provides you with a simple drag and drop email generator that allows you to create branded and personalized emails.

Campaign Monitor Bronto Alternative

It also has a wide range of professionally designed templates, and you can easily choose and modify each one without any limitations. One of the most interesting facts about this email marketing solution is that it offers an effective list of management tools that can help companies create segmented lists based on their own criteria.

Plus, you can automate campaigns to make sure the right customers get the right message at the right time. In addition to design, the software provides optimization tools to help users track the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns in real-time that they do better than others. Campaign Monitor has some cool features that allow you to share your campaigns on social media platforms easily. Its most prominent feature includes an update in the browser, launching your own design, mobile-ready template, and A/B testing, etc. Campaign Monitor comes with multiple pricing plans, and each plan has its own specific features and tools.

#5 Moosend

Moosend is an email marketing platform that enables users to manage their multiple email campaigns and distribution lists efficiently. The platform's email marketing feature enables businesses to deliver powerful emails that will open every time the user clicks. Also, it enables companies to create beautiful newsletters without any coding or HTML knowledge.

Moonsend Bronto Alternative

The platform offers an autopilot system for sending marketing emails, such as when a customer subscribes to the platform, they will be sent a welcome email. In addition, it allows users to personalize their emails according to the purchasing habits of their customers.


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