Anchor Group Featured on the SuiteScript Stories Podcast

Our very own Jacob Terneus (CEO) and Caleb Schmitz (CRO) were interviewed on Episode 40 of the SuiteScript Stories Podcast! Below is a quick breakdown of some of the topics that were discussed, as well as links to the full podcast episode.

Jacob Terneus, Anchor Group CEO (left) and Caleb Schmitz, Anchor Group CRO (right)

Topics Discussed: NetSuite, Careers SuiteCommerce

In the episode, podcast co-hosts Eric Grubaugh and Tim Dietrich speak with Jacob and Caleb about their experiences working in the NetSuite consulting and development ecosystem. They also discuss how individuals can break into the NetSuite space and gain skills that will help them be successful in their careers as NetSuite professionals.

Jacob and Caleb discussed Anchor Group's niche within the NetSuite space as a leading SuiteCommerce implementation and customization agency, including some of the problems faced and lessons learned over the years. They also addressed the differences between each of the SuiteCommerce products, the rhythm Anchor Group has found in implementing and customizing SuiteCommerce, and the NetSuite Ecommerce book that Jacob and Caleb co-authored!

Hear the discussion around these and other related topics by listening to the podcast episode linked below!

Where to Listen to the Podcast Episode

You can check out SuiteScript Stories, Episode 40: The Anchor Group Interview at the following links:

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