Warning: This item is not properly configured, please contact your administrator.

This short article will help you understand how to fix your Matrix item configuration for your SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced website.

You may have gotten this error when setting up a Matrix item in NetSuite and went to your SuiteCommerce website to view the product.

Warning: This item is not properly configured, please contact your administrator.
matrix item warning error

There is an easy way to fix this issue and get the product displaying on your SuiteCommerce website again.

Issue or Warning you See

This is an example of what you might see on the SuiteCommerce website if you get this warning.

netsuite matrix item in suitecommerce

The Solution to the Warning

The fix to this warning is quite simple. Just navigate to your item record and click on the "Custom" tab. You'll need to just select the correct "item option" as shown in the image below.

item options in matrix item

Adding Item Options to SuiteCommerce Configuration

You may need to add the item options to the SuiteCommerce configuration. Navigate to Commerce > Websites > Configuration and select your SuiteCommerce website.

suitecommerce configuration item options

If you don't know what needs to be added to this SuiteCommerce configuration, you can find the item options by navigating to Customization > Lists, Records, Fields > Transaction Item Options.

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