Using the BigCommerce Image Manager in Stencil  

in , June 25th, 2024

One of the strengths of BigCommerce is its site speed compared to other ecommerce solutions. To leverage the speed that BigCommerce offers, we will need to ensure that we properly load images into our BigCommerce themes. To do so, rather than uploading images to the BigCommerce theme, we will be using the BigCommerce image manager to ensure our images are responsive, which will help the speed and performance of our sites.

Uploading Images to the image manager

Uploading images to the image manager is very straightforward. Go to your BigCommerce storefront backend and search for “Image Manager.”

From here, click the upload image function.

From here, follow the on-screen prompt to upload your image or images to the BigCommerce environment.

Note: The image manager only accepts .jpg files at this time.

Referencing Images in Stencil

Now, we can reference images saved in the Image Manager using the stencil getImageManagerImage handlebar helper. Below is an example of adding the brushless image from above to our theme.

Congrats, you now have working reactive images using the BigCommerce CDN!

Author: Maxwell Sherwin

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