Unable to Convert Quote to Sales Order (SuiteCommerce)


"calculateRealtimeRate" is not defined. (NLRecordScripting.scriptInit$lib#5926)


For services based companies using SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced (NetSuite e-commerce), they may primarily be using the webstore for service items which don't need to have shipping. However, there is still a need to set up the shipping in order to resolve this error even if the shipping won't end up being utilized.


Anchor Group was able to resolve the error upon submitting an order from Quote on My Account by enabling the CHARGE FOR SHIPPING preferences on the Set Up Shipping page. Please see below steps:

1. Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Shipping

2. Mark check box for CHARGE FOR SHIPPING

3. Submit

If you have not setup a shipping integration, you will need to do that first. In our case, we setup a UPS account and added a payment method in order to get the UPS account number needed for the integration.

After the change, you need to submit a Cache Invalidation Request then verify the behavior on the web store if the error will now be resolved. From our testing, there is no Shipping Cost added on the Sales Order record created even if the said preference is enabled. 

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