QA Checklist: SuiteCommerce Advanced Shopping Cart Page 

Are you wondering if your SuiteCommerce shopping cart page is up to snuff? Whether you're just about to implement SuiteCommerce or have been using SuiteCommerce for years, this quality assurance checklist can help you make sure that your website shopping cart page is working properly!

QA and Shopping Cart Page Customization

As you work through this shopping cart page QA checklist, keep in mind that individual SuiteCommerce websites sometimes have customizations or SuiteCommerce Apps in place that can add, change, or remove functionality on the shopping cart page.

For that reason, this checklist might not cover every aspect of your shopping cart page, but it's a great starting point! This checklist covers all the core features and functionality of a successful SuiteCommerce site shopping cart page.

SCA Shopping Cart Page QA Checklist

While this is not an exhaustive list of the features and functionality that may be available on your SuiteCommerce or SCA website, this checklist can help you ensure that the key functionality of your SuiteCommerce shopping cart page is working properly! If you need help troubleshooting or resolving any issues you identify, contact our team.

Items in Shopping Cart

  • Are the number of products and items accurately displayed at the top of the list?
  • Can the user select 'Quick Add' and add an item and quantity to the cart?
  • Are products displayed fully with image, name, price, SKU, quantity, and amount?
  • Can the user change the quantity, edit/save for later/remove the item?
  • Can the user click the product name and image and go to the PDP?

Order Summary

  • Are the subtotal, number of items, promos, discount total, shipping destination, shipping total, and estimated total displayed?

Saved for Later List

  • Is the number of products visible at the top of the list?
  • Are product images, names, prices, and quantities displayed for each item?
  • Can the user move products to the cart or remove them from the list?

Recently Viewed

  • Does the 'Recently Viewed' section show the product image, name, price, and rating?
  • Can the user click arrows to scroll through items?

Proceed to Checkout Button

  • Does the 'Proceed to Checkout' button take the user to the 'Shipping Address' page?

SuiteCommerce Troubleshooting

We recommend using this SuiteCommerce shopping cart page QA checklist as a guide to help your team identify potential issues on your website. However, we realize it can't consider the nuances of your particular website the way our team of SuiteCommerce developers can.

If you need help troubleshooting issues you found on your SuiteCommerce shopping cart page, or if you have any questions about features or functionality not included on this checklist, feel free to contact our team!

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