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A SuiteCommerce Extension by the Developers at Anchor Group

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The saved search SuiteCommerce extension is a configurable extension that allows for saved searches to be added to My Account.

It's a great way to surface different ERP data to your customers with limited effort. You can configure many saved searches and instantly add them to another tab in SuiteCommerce.


Bundle Features

  • Links to saved searches from within My Account
  • Adds a navigation tab with a fully customizable label to the side menu in My Account
  • Display data in columns based on parameters established for the Saved Search results
  • Option to set up a summary column for your saved search, with links that open up a Detail view
  • "Return to Summary" link in the Detailed view allows for easy navigation between saved search views
  • Search function within the tool

Business Use Cases

  • Surface a saved search with a customer-specific product catalog and allow the customer to download a CSV file of their specific items and pricing.
  • Healthcare supply: Enable physicians to view data from their orders, like a field on the sales order designating what patient a specific sales order is for.
  • Not restricted to order information! Surface any ERP data that you want to share with customers: Criteria is set to "Customer = Logged In" so you can build any saved search you want and ensure it is properly filtered down to the customer who is logged in.
saved search my account extension patient finder example

Surface ERP Data for Customers

Surface ERP data in a table view in My Account using a saved search, and filter the results by logged-in customer:

extension configuration settings screenshot

Extension Configuration

Use the Drill-Down Field ID if you want a Summary and a Details view.

Use the URL Field ID if a search column contains a URL you want to display as a hyperlink.

displayed searches in my account netsuite user interface screenshot

Displayed Searches in My Account

You can add multiple Saved Searches to My Account and link to them from a custom tab in the navigation menu.

Each search is filtered by the currently logged-in customer, so they only see the information that pertains to them.

suitecommerce my account extension

Layout Options

A navigation tab with a fully customizable label is added to the side menu in My Account, linking to your saved search.

The columns displayed in My Account will be the columns you establish for the Saved Search.

You can set up one summary column for each saved search. Clicking on a link in the summary column opens up a Detail view.

From the Detail view, you can return to the summary view at any time by clicking on the "Return to Summary" link at the top right of the table.

saved search my account extension search function

Search Function

This extension includes a search function that also filters the downloaded CSV results (so you only get the relevant results for the search term).


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