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An alternative to NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS)

NetSuite Managed Services

We know that it is important to keep your NetSuite admin and development costs low. That's why we offer Managed Services plans with locked rates that help you keep your NetSuite projects running on time and within your budget!

Explore the different plans we offer, and feel free to contact our team for more information.

If you are unsure which plan fits your business needs, our consultants can help you determine how many hours of NetSuite help you might need per month.

Your Trusted NetSuite Partner

NetSuite Managed Services: Low-Cost NetSuite Support

NetSuite ERP is a powerful solution, but many businesses don’t have the relevant in-house skills to fully utilize their software solution. Unfortunately, these companies often assign the management of their NetSuite solution to staff members who are already too busy. In-house NetSuite help is expensive, so if companies do choose to hire additional personnel, they may only be able to hire a single NetSuite admin who lacks the knowledge that a full NetSuite team brings to a project.

If your business is in a situation like this, choosing NetSuite Managed Services could be a key strategic move. At a relatively low monthly cost, Anchor Group's Managed Services enable you to make the most of your NetSuite system. In fact, using Managed Services is almost always more affordable than hiring additional in-house staff to manage NetSuite issues. Our NetSuite Managed Services Plans give companies access to a whole team of certified and experienced NetSuite administrators, developers, and consultants, without the incredible cost necessary to hire that level of service in-house. With a fixed monthly fee over a 12-month agreement, you’ll know the cost of your NetSuite support and won't face hidden costs or fees.

Benefits of NetSuite Managed Services

  • Access the full talent of a team delivering best in class support
  • Cleaner data driving improved reports & analytics
  • Expand your NetSuite instance & customize it to meet your needs
  • Flexible support contracts
  • Improve organizational productivity
  • Increase user engagement
  • Maximize the value out of your NetSuite investment
  • Reduce overall support costs

Issues Managed Services Resolve...

  • A complex NetSuite instance requires experienced support
  • It is difficult to find and retain a qualified NetSuite Administrator
  • Need access to skilled developers & consultants plus basic support
  • NetSuite system issues are derailing revenue streams
  • Poor data in NetSuite is interfering with management decisions
  • Waiting for NetSuite help disrupts employee progress
  • Your admin's experience is limited to your NetSuite instance
  • Your admin's time is better spent on core business functions

Proactive vs. Reactive NetSuite Help

Utilizing a NetSuite Managed Service Plan Can Quickly Drive Value for Your Business

Typical ERP Support: A Break-Fix Philosophy

NetSuite is a powerful ERP system, but it still requires maintenance. Unfortunately, organizations often don't look to fix their business management solutions until there’s an already existing issue which is referred to as a break-fix model. In these situations, there’s is a significant delay between identifying the issue and the start date of the repair project. This delay in the repair process often causes the problem to worsen and increases the overall repair cost. Operating under a break-fix mentality usually results in ERP users frantically looking for fast solutions to large problems. If that's you right now, that's okay. But we want to help you avoid these situations in the future, and that's why we offer our Managed NetSuite Service Plans.

Managed Services: A Proactive Approach

Our NetSuite Managed Services provide your business with consistent NetSuite monitoring and support through which we identify and resolve small issues before they can escalate into larger, more expensive problems. With these NetSuite Service plans, you will have access to the full talent of a team of NetSuite Professionals at a fraction of the cost to hire the same level of expertise in-house. Our team collectively holds all available NetSuite Certifications and is ready to take on any of your NetSuite or SuiteCommerce projects. You get the most out of your NetSuite investment without having to worry about resolving technical issues, and your employees can focus on improving core business processes. When companies outsource their NetSuite maintenance and administration to teams like ours utilizing managed service plans, they often see increased efficiency and greater total revenue.

Managed services inherently provide a higher level of service to the customer as the service provider is part of the regular operations of its clients and are available as required.

Adam Mayo

Senior Industry Principal—Services

NetSuite Optimization Plans


  • 10 hours per month

  • Locked Hourly Rate

  • Price: $170/hr

  • (Total Monthly Cost: $1,700)


  • 20 hours per month

  • Locked Hourly Rate

  • Price: $165/hr

  • (Total Monthly Cost: $3,300)


  • 40 hours per month

  • Locked Hourly Rate

  • Price: $155/hr

  • (Total Monthly Cost: $6,200)


  • 80 hours per month

  • Locked Hourly Rate

  • Price: $150/hr

  • (Total Monthly Cost: $12,000)


  • 160 hours per month

  • Locked Hourly Rate

  • Price: $145/hr

  • (Total Monthly Cost: $23,200)

Using the Managed Service Hours:

You do not have to use all of the allotted hours each month, and can even carry over unused hours month to month until the end of the contract term. In the event that more hours are needed in any particular month for an approved project, Anchor Group will bill at the discounted hourly rate instead of the standard rate. If you find that you will consistently need more monthly support, you can upgrade your managed service plan to allow for more hours without having to extend the term of the contract.

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Managed Service Plans: Support Types

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. There are many other support options that you have access to through our Managed Service Plans. To inquire about specific services that are not listed here, please fill out our contact form.

NetSuite System Maintenance

NetSuite System Maintenance

Through an ongoing review of business processes, our team of experts helps you improve operational efficiencies, continuity, and productivity. We’re ready to optimize your investment and will ensure your NetSuite cloud ERP solution is ready to meet your business needs.

NetSuite Training

NetSuite Training

Here at Anchor Group, we have the heart of a teacher. As we manage your NetSuite or SuiteCommerce projects, we will pass along valuable knowledge to your employees. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of your software, as your team will be able to better utilize your NetSuite instance.

NetSuite Integration and Customization

NetSuite Customization

Our team of consultants and developers is experienced in implementing existing integrations, as well as custom NetSuite solutions. We know that business systems are more valuable when they are tailored to meet specific business needs, so we put together tailor-make scripts, workflows, reports, and more.

New Release Adoption & Upgrade Testing

New Release Management

Timelines of new feature releases help you spend less time looking for solutions on your own. Our team will inform you of new features, coach you on how to best use them and ensure that the new features, applications, and scripts are compatible with NetSuite upgrades and go live without issues.

NetSuite Functional Support

Functional Support

From complex transactions to simple processes, our team of NetSuite experts can quickly answer questions that are specific to your NetSuite instance. We'll also help you identify new opportunities to make use of standard or custom-made solutions that can improve the daily operations of your business.

NetSuite Administrator

NetSuite Admin

The vital task of consistent NetSuite administration can easily be forgotten. Let us take care of this tedious task so that your team can focus on other aspects of daily operations. Use our Managed Services to create new users, roles, forms, saved searches, workflows, KPI's, workbooks, and reports.

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